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Explore our fantastic wood-effect porcelain tile range, one of the hottest trends in the interior design industry at the moment.  These plank-like tiles capture the beauty of natural timber, combined with the durability and ease of maintenance you can expect from porcelain tiles. Wood-Style is a comprehensive wood-effect tile range available in different styles - from modern interpretations of wooden planks like the Albero range or more realistic wood-effect planks like the ever-popular Foresta range. From pale beech colours through to strong modern greys and black, every colour and style is available in a choice of lengths - there is a wood-effect porcelain tile for every situation whether it's traditional, contemporary, chic or country, so take the time to explore the full range and find your perfect look.

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More about WOOD-STYLE

What can you expect from wood effect porcelain tiles? Our tiles combine the hard-wearing nature of traditional porcelain tiles with the benefits of wood such as texture, variations in colour, and imperfections to grain, ensuring that you get a quality product that is first class in design. If appearance alone is not enough of a reason to make the wood plank range your ideal flooring choice, we have detailed the benefits in more detail below so you can see why wood effect tiles are the best and number one choice for many homeowners.

Why wood effect tiles?

Hardwearing is an understatement when it comes to this material, as it certainly loves the challenge. Add countless numbers of shoes from the entire family - and yes that is including high heels - years of direct sunlight and maybe the odd amount of water, and it will still look like wood, maybe better than wood without the worry of splinters and tears from the children. Expect our wood plank range to be tougher, stronger and much more resilient than wood could possibly be.

Wood effect porcelain tiles are certainly resistant to any dents, scrapes and scratches, making this the ideal choice for any room in the house that welcome high levels of traffic, such as hallways and living areas. You can enjoy the benefits of real wood without having to put up with many of the disadvantages that are commonly associated with wood, such as wetness. In fact you can scrub these tiles, pour boiling hot water on them and even use bleach without causing any lasting damage; after all, they are made of porcelain.

So the question shouldn’t be “why wood effect tiles?” but “what styles are available to me?”

Put simply, your choices are endless. You can enjoy all the natural finishes you can expect from natural wood such as beech and oak effect tiles. These tiles are ultra modern and will definitely stand the test of time.

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