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Why choose wood effect porcelain tiles?

Tile trend: Wood effect porcelain tiles

One of the most popular tiling trends we're noticing at the moment has got to be wood effect porcelain tiles. Whether for your living areas, bathroom or kitchen, they combine the timeless beauty of wooden floorboards with the effortless convenience of porcelain.

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Wooden floors have of course been popular since time immemorial, and today are popular with homeowners trying to achieve a variety of looks. Thankfully the porcelain tiles closely imitate wood, and come in a variety of wood type finishes, so in terms of design they are just as versatile as the original.
A warm toned tile such as Alpine Hazel would be a perfect choice for a living space in a rustic or farmhouse style, and could be complemented by soft furnishings, rugs and traditional furniture. Alternatively it could be used in a bathroom with a statement modern suite, for a relaxing Scandinavian spa feel.
Meanwhile, there are lighter and more muted tones such as grey, elm or oak effect tiles available. These tiles will contribute to a light and airy contemporary vibe, set off by minimal furniture, bold or monochrome colours and a few touches of luxury. They will also go beautifully in a vintage inspired space, with heritage colours or exposed brickwork.

Why choose wood effect porcelain tiles over real wood?

As well as being attractive and stylish enough for any room design, there are plenty of reasons why porcelain wood tiles may even be preferable to the real thing.

  • Durability - Porcelain tiles are very durable, and will not scratch, dent or warp in the same way as a wooden floor can. They will maintain their appearance for years to come, no matter how much footfall you anticipate. If the worst should happen and a tile cracks, it will be relatively easy to replace – just make sure you've kept a couple of spares to one side.
  • Easy cleaning - As they're waterproof, cleaning porcelain tiles simply require sweeping and occasionally mopping – you can even use bleach and hot water for a deeper clean. They are therefore a good option if you want to reduce the amount of dust in your home. Porcelain also has the added benefit over natural stone in that it doesn't require occasional resealing.
  • Versatility - Many would steer well clear of choosing a wooden floor in a kitchen or bathroom due to the likelihood of water damage, but porcelain tiles can be used here with no problems. They are also more resistant to fading so can be used in rooms such as conservatories where direct sunlight may otherwise be an issue.
  • Underfloor heating - Nothing compares with underfloor heating for a feeling of true luxury, especially when you've just stepped out of the bath or got out of bed – fortunately, porcelain tiles can be used without the risk of warping.
    In short, wood effect porcelain tiles mean you can achieve the look you want but with much less hassle. Browse our range to find a tile that suits your design, or call our team on 0161 277 6850 if you want any further information.

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