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In recent times travertine tiles have been a popular choice in natural stone. Aside from their classic timeless look and versatility, they sit at the more affordable end of the stone market. There are different shades to choose from - the walnut travertine which is light brown through to the light ivory honed travertine with its beige and cream swirls. Travertine tiles come in various finishes including the popular honed and filled, tumbled and brushed. But beware; not all travertine is the same and it's difficult to compare quality as most suppliers claim to sell "Premium" grade. We guarantee the quality of our travertine is 1st class and offer a full money back guarantee. Quality and service are our priorities - we're confident when it come to travertine, you can't buy better for less.

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Travertine tiles are made from a type of limestone which contains natural shading and would be a great feature to have in any room of your home. You can purchase travertine tiles for your walls or floors, and they come in a variety of neutral colours such as beige, tan and cream. In recent years, silver travertine has also seen a surge in popularity.Travertine tiles are popular with people wanting to use lighter coloured tiles for their floors and walls, such as in their bathrooms. What people like best about travertine is the natural patterns that occur on the surface of each tile, which is completely unique. The tiles are light, which means they wouldn’t cause a room to become dark and crowded; instead they make a room seem bigger and much more spacious.

Find your ideal travertine

Browse our selection of different coloured travertine tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, which you can order from us online or pick up in-store. If you’re unsure about what type of tile you should choose and you would like some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment.We can help you choose the best travertine tiles for your floors and walls for any room within your home. We'll also advise you on installation, sealing and maintenance, to keep your stone tiles looking their best for longer.