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Tile ideas for a traditional kitchen

Top Tile Ideas for your Traditional Kitchen

If you're doing up your kitchen in a traditional design, you may well be considering stone floor tiles. They are, after all, one of the most traditional flooring options out there; and what's more, they're durable enough to put up with many years of busy family life.

But with so many different tiles on the market, how do you choose the perfect ones for your kitchen? In this guide, Stone Superstore runs through some popular tile ideas and how they might be used.

Antiqued and worn

If you want the well-loved look sooner rather than later, consider going for tumbled stone tiles, also known as 'antiqued'. The process used to finish these tiles gives them a worn, slightly pitted appearance, while occasionally they are hand-chiselled to create a rounded off edge. The overall effect is softer and more natural than a honed or polished tile.

A light tumbled travertine will look great in a farmhouse style kitchen with darker wooden cabinets, while a warmer shade of travertine will go well with cream cabinets. Pattern sets are also available for a less homogeneous layout, to create a real feature of your flooring.

Cooler colour schemes

If you're looking for an alternative to warm beiges and browns, silver travertine could be the perfect option. These tumbled tiles have a greyish appearance, with a warm patina that makes them look beautifully aged. This tile really will go in any kitchen, but would look stunning with muted wood such as limed oak, and marble or granite worktops.

Meanwhile, the popular Shaker style kitchen design demands a clean, light and airy feel. A honed limestone tile will look great with chunky bright white cabinets and a woodblock worktop.

What about porcelain?

Of course, when some people say 'traditional' they want something a bit more minimal, with a touch of the contemporary about it. If that's the case, think about porcelain tiles – these can create a seamless uniform finish, in a range of greys, beiges and even pitch black. This would look fantastic with glossy subway tiles on the walls and some industrial touches such as lighting or accessories.

We hope this guide has given you some guidance and maybe even a bit of inspiration – but if you're in need of any further advice on choosing your kitchen floor tiles, call our team on 0161 277 6850.

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