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Stone-Effect Porcelain Tile Range


Looking to inject some life into your project?  Simple - install stone-effect porcelain tiles to instantly transform a plain and boring space into a stunning eye catching room that you will really want to spend time in.  Consider one of our bestselling stone-effect porcelain tiles such as the Marmo Statuario Polished Porcelain for that classic marble look or Antic Beige Porcelain with its natural feel and texture of stone. These excellent value stone-effect tiles are a fantastic alternative to achieving an authentic natural stone look. Alternatively, check out the Archi-Stone porcelain tile range for more contemporary interpretations of natural stone tiles.

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Marmo Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £21.00
NOW £12.60 Per SQM

Monza Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £22.90
NOW £13.60 Per SQM

More about STONE-STYLE

If you love the look of stone but don’t appreciate its price tag, fear not - you have not been introduced to the stone life porcelain range. This highly desirable material has the ability to effortlessly inject a spot of class into any room of your home, making stone style porcelain tiles a strong contender for any homeowner.

These tiles are especially appreciated for their resistance to scratching and sturdiness among many other features.This manmade material is extremely well known for its strength, its versatility and durability, which is why this is the firm favourite in millions of homes all over the country. Naturally porcelain has a matt finish, but it can be textured to replicate the look of stone enabling you to achieve the natural look of stone.

Whichever room you are considering installing your stone life porcelain tiles in, there are a large variety available that are set to impress.

The benefits of stone effect tiles

Stone or porcelain? You and your guests will struggle to distinguish our stone effect porcelain tiles from natural stone due the advanced technology that we have access to. As with natural stone the veining is unique and no two pieces will look the same. Porcelain can look unique and timeless just as stone is. For those considering stone it requires a significant amount of maintenance and unfortunately needs sealing at least once a year. In addition, the installation process is an extensive one due to the fact that each stone tile has a different thickness and careful consideration is needed when “floating” this material. In contrast, stone life porcelain tiles require very little maintenance, are easy to install and very easy to maintain.

Check out our tiling advice section for more guidance on installation.Over time, flooring material will show signs of wear and tear - this is inevitable when there is a large amount of traffic. This may well be the reason that you are looking for replacement flooring. But porcelain is one material that is considered as being extremely strong, and has the ability to maintain its appearance much longer than other flooring materials.

Stone life porcelain tiles are a premium form of flooring without the price tag, guaranteed to always look fresh and exactly the same as the first day they were laid for many years to come.

For more information about our porcelain tiles, we love to talk; please contact us via our website, alternatively please contact us by phone.