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Quality is the key, especially in travertine.  The generic nature of "Beige Travertine" has made it possible for people to easily enter the market promoting poor quality travertine tiles as "Premium Grade".  Many have been and gone since we started in 2007, but we are still here.  However, there remain a few less than honest traders out there but you can easily identify them by their unwillingness to allow you to inspect their stock in advance of ordering.

Aside from ensuring we purchase the best quality tiles, we have everything inspected by professional inspection teams in the country of origin. Noting leaves the factory without first being approved by our inspectors and the quality confirmed by our in-house QC department.

Here at Trade Travertine we encourage our customers to come and see for themselves the stock that we have available and to check the quality is as we describe.  Once customers have seen for themselves, it’s unlikely that they decide to purchase elsewhere on quality grounds.




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