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Porcelain Living Area Tile Range


Today’s living areas demand a more modern approach to floor coverings than traditional carpets, laminate or old fashioned wood.  The home of porcelain, Italy, along with France and most other mainland European countries have long since used porcelain tiles to cover entire houses floors, including their bedrooms.  It’s taken a while for us to catch up but quite often, new properties are designed with tiled living area floors.  Porcelain floor tiles are the ideal choice over ceramic tiles as they are the hardest flooring material available and practically indestructible meaning your porcelain floor will just about last forever.  Besides porcelain flooring, modern designers have started to use porcelain tiles on feature walls of contemporary homes.  The multitude of designs, shapes and surface finishes make it easy to choose something that ticks all the boxes.

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Marmo Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £21.00
NOW £12.60 Per SQM

Monza Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £22.90
NOW £13.60 Per SQM

Solido Nero Porcelain Tiles

WAS £21.90
NOW £12.90 Per SQM


We are a leading supplier of living area porcelain tiles, supplying tiles for all living spaces. When it comes to choosing porcelain tiles for your lounge, hall, conservatory and other spaces you will certainly be spoilt for choice as we offer you a huge range including porcelain wood-effect tiles, stone effect porcelain tiles, and polished porcelain tiles.

When you are renovating your home, the flooring you choose needs to meet a number of requirements. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, durable, hardwearing, withstand high traffic volumes and much more. The answer to your flooring needs is porcelain tiles. They can cope with temperature changes, making this the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and in rooms with underfloor heating.

Porcelain or ceramic?

The question often asked is which is better, porcelain or ceramic? Both are available in a large range of styles, colours and textures; but the answer to this question is less about aesthetics and more about functionality. Porcelain tiles are made from fine clay, consisting of quartz, kaolinitic and feldspare, which are sprayed and shaped by pressing the clay until it forms a semi solid material. It is then blasted with intense heat. Porcelain then becomes a material that is known for its resistance to moisture, resistance to wear and tear and any deep abrasions, making porcelain tiles a fantastic choice for all living spaces.

Our extensive range of porcelain tiles will bring charm and beauty to any home, and can look just like natural materials. But unlike natural materials such as wood, your porcelain tiles will not warp, you can ensure they won’t be scratched and marked, and they are very easy to keep clean and maintain. Enjoy the aesthetic benefits of natural materials, without the hassle of maintenance and care.

For homeowners who want something different in their living space, porcelain tiles should definitely be an option. You are guaranteed to find a style that fits with your personality and personal preferences. The colours will coordinate with your existing decor, and to add an extra touch of luxury, they are perfect to use with underfloor heating.

For more information about our porcelain living area tiles, we love to talk, please contact us via our website or give one of our experts a call.