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Porcelain Bathroom Tile Range Porcelain Bathroom Tile Range


Looking for something to transform your bathroom project?  From minimalist chic to traditional stone-effect, Porcelain Bathroom Tiles give you everything you need to update an old-fashioned bathroom into a luxurious room where you will love to spend time.  Unlike natural stone tiles that are porous and require sealing, porcelain tiles will withstand anything you can throw at them in a bathroom, from being bombarded with water to dripped on with hair dye. They won’t wear, stain or easily scratch which ultimately means they will stay looking the same as they day there were installed with regular cleaning alone. Limitless design options means the choice really is yours.  

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Marmo Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £21.00
NOW £12.60 Per SQM

Monza Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £22.90
NOW £13.60 Per SQM

Solido Nero Porcelain Tiles

WAS £21.90
NOW £12.90 Per SQM


For all homeowners considering remodelling their home, porcelain tiles should be a strong contender for bathroom flooring needs. These tiles are appreciated for their durability, resistance to scratches and sturdiness, among lots of other features.

Over time, it is inevitable that any flooring material will show signs of wear and tear, but porcelain tiles are one of the hardest types of flooring available to you; it's proven to maintain its appearance far longer than lots of other floor materials. This flooring is certainly incredible - not only is it non-porous which is exactly what you need for your bathroom, but it is highly resistant to chipping, fading, stains and scratches. It's not surprising that they are the number one choice for many homes around the country.

Due to it repelling stains and not requiring sealing for water resistance (unless they are polished porcelain tiles), it is far easier to maintain than lots of other types of flooring. Any spills can be cleaned up easily.

Due to its high durability, it is perfect for bathrooms that are used to receiving a lot of traffic. Whereas carpeting can quickly wear out and wood flooring can quickly become scuffed, porcelain bathroom tiles will always maintain their appearance, even under continuous usage.

Choosing your porcelain tile style

There is no limit to the styles that are available to you. We are proud to be able to offer you premium grade Italian porcelain tiles at amazing prices, perfect for the contemporary bathroom. These are available in black that are slightly motted, with light veining going through them with a matt finish. Alternatively we stock Marmo Avorio porcelain, which we are very excited to announce – this is one of our newest products in the Italian collection, and is considered to be the best in the world. Like all the tiles in our range of stone effect porcelain tiles, they are beautifully crafted to mimic the uniqueness of natural stone. You're sure to agree that these will certainly add some luxury to your bathroom. When it comes to design, porcelain certainly stands out and is aesthetically pleasing on the eye.For more information about our bathroom porcelain tiles, please contact us via our website or give us a call.