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Natural Stone Wall Tile Range


At Stone SuperStore we have a wide range of wall tiles available. The majority of our tile range is suitable for use as wall tiles especially our Fine Italian Porcelain Tiles. Our stone range including travertine, marble, limestone and granite tiles are perfectly suited for use on walls and can be matched with floor tiles to create a consistent look in your bathroom or kitchen. Quartz tiles are often used on walls and floors giving a brilliant starlight effect when the lights hit them. All of our wall tiles are suitable for use throughout your home, especially in wet areas. If you require any more info on specific tile usage, please call our experienced sales team.

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More about STONE WALLS

At Stone SuperStore we have a range of wall tiles available, from travertine to granite and quartz, all of which can be matched with floor tiles to create a consistent, minimalistic look in the bathroom or kitchen.

All of our wall tiles have been designed specifically for your home, allowing them to be easily applied to angled surfaces and walls throughout your property.Wall tiles provide a practical covering while still keeping the decorative essence people strive to achieve. All tiles range in size and shape and come in a many different designs and colours.

Marble wall tiles have classy connotations and each have their own distinct patterns and tone variations that no man-made tile can imitate.

Travertine wall tiles bring sophistication and an interior design background to any home, and their variations are just as spectacular as marble.Granite and quartz are the most durable of all the wall tiles we offer and have an attractive natural, futuristic finish to them, with a smooth feel to each tile. Limestone wall tiles offer natural beauty and are available in a range of styles, making them one of the most adaptable tiles we have.

If you need any more information about our wall tiles or tiles in general feel free to contact us via our website or by phone.