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Marble is much denser and harder than its close relatives travertine and limestone. Due to this durability along with its glorious surface interest, marble tiles are used in many boutique hotels and other glamorous locations. Different types of marble present different characteristics. There's the fine crystalline structure of Ibiza Bianco and the more typical veined marble used for centuries like the ever present Bianco Carrara Marble. Our range is available in different finishes - tumbled giving an aged appearance, honed that contemporary satin feel and polished providing that sense of glamour and opulence. Please call the sales team if you require any assistance or advice.

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These tiles come in a range of different finishes including; honed, polished, tumbled and antiqued. Tumbled and antiqued are a great textured marble tile, the honed tiles are great for a flexible surrounding fitting in almost anywhere and the polished tiles are synonymous with subtle class with its beautiful veins running through them. The distinctive look including the tiles classic veined pattern is widely recognised as a feature of class and elegance that only marble can convey.We provide a wide selection of different marble tiles which enables you to match your tiles with your surrounding area, usually kitchen or bathroom. These marble tiles have always been associated with class with their own distinct patterns and tone variations that no man-made tile can replicate. For more information about our marble tiles, we love to talk, contact us via our website or phone.