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Latest news & info from StoneStore headquarters

Latest news & info from StoneStore headquarters

Here we are with our a round-up of goings on at Stone HQ. Read on to find out what we've been up to as we head towards the end of the year - can you believe it? It will be Christmas before you know it.

Cleaning Black Granite Tiles & Quartz Tiles

Here's a handy little post about cleaning granite tiles or quartz tiles. Most of it's common sense but there are a few good pointers about cleaning and sealing that some of you might not already know. Remember, our sales team have in depth knowledge on all things "stone" so why not give them a call to discuss.

Cleaning Travertine Tiles

Dont use bleach or any bleach based products for cleaning travertine tiles, granite tiles, limestone tiles, basalt tiles or marble tiles. Read on for more information.