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Luna Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs

Actual size: 600x600x20mm  

£26.90 / m²

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60 x 60 cm - IN STOCK

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PLEASE NOTE: Avoid the expense & inconvenience of reordering. We strongly recommend you add at least 10% to your calculated area to be tiled to cover cuts, breakages and damages. All tiling jobs incur this type of wastage – don’t be left short!

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About this product

Premium Quality Porcelain Paving Slabs

Introducing our Luna Grey Outdoor Porcelain Tile, a fusion of contemporary design and natural aesthetics for your outdoor spaces. This tile captures the essence of authentic stone, showcasing a sleek grey hue that replicates the timeless elegance of natural stone.

Designed with exterior spaces in mind, this porcelain tile offers long-term durability and low-maintenance benefits. The weather-resistant surface ensures a lasting quality in appearance, making these paving tiles an ideal choice for patios, pathways, or outdoor living areas.

The stone-effect design brings a touch of sophistication, character and texture to outdoor spaces, blending seamlessly with various garden and landscape styles. Elevate your exterior with our Luna Grey Porcelain, to create an enduring, inviting space that will look great all year round.

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When using brush-in grouts, we strongly recommend using LTP Porcelain Tile Protector to protect the slabs from resin in the grout that can bind to the surface and give a dusty appearance when dry. We advise 1 coat before and 1 coat after grouting as part of the installation procedure. We also recommend using ProJoint Porcelain Paving Primer when laying paving using sand or cement rather than adhesive.


Luna Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs is perfect for

Suitable for outdoors


Surface finishAntislip
EdgesSquare Cut [Rectified]
DurabilityVery High
Colour variation from slab to slabLow
Ongoing maintenanceNone

Installation and care


Porcelain paving can be installed without fixing products as long as it's fully supported by a solid material.  It can be installed on grass, gravel and sand bases.  Porcelain paving can also be installed onto concrete/screed substrates with a suitable external grade adhesive.  All of our rapid setting adhesives are recommended. It can also be installed on sand and cement mortar bases same as traditional stone paving.  Porcelain paving is strong enough to be installed on "pedestal" systems.


Porcelain paving requires no sealing or ongoing maintenance, unlike natural stone that requires regular cleaning and re-sealing. We do however strongly recommend using LTP Porcelain Tile Protector during installation as it protects the surface when using brush-in grouts that can potentially bind to the surface causing a “dusty” appearance when dry. It furthermore protects against staining from organic matter like berries and wet leaves over time.


Any external grade grout can be used.  Specific brush-in grouting systems have also been formulated for use with porcelain paving. We recommend ProJoint Rapidflow Brush-In Porcelain Grout in Mid Grey.


Porcelain paving can be cleaned with any household product.  We do not recommend the use of acidic "patio cleaning" products that may damage the surface.  The use of high pressure washers is acceptable as long as the pressure is kept away from grout joints.



Tolerances & Fitting

Porcelain tiles & porcelain paving slabs are subject to manufacturing tolerances in relation to size, flatness and squareness.  Please be aware that not all tiles/slabs will or can be perfectly the same size, flat or absolutely square.  The standard governing manufacturing tolerances is EN14411.  In relation to flatness, for example, a tile or slab can have an allowed curvature of +/-2mm measured at the centre of the slab using a straight edge across the entire slab.  It is not possible to accurately measure flatness by putting two tiles face to face as this doubles any visible curvature.  For more info, feel free to call to discuss with an expert.



Pallet Deliveries


Flat Surface

Unobstructed Space

Heavy Load



Typical delivery times are 2 - 3 Working Days

We deliver throughout the UK except for Northern Ireland.

Deliveries are made on pallets and offloaded to the nearest safe point of entry to your property aka "Kerbside".  The delivery driver is unable to take the tiles into your house.

We can deliver on a day of your choice, although this will typically be 2 - 3 working days after your order has been placed. Delivery is charged by the pallet and starts from £35 / pallet. 

Somebody must be present on the day of delivery to accept the order - re-delivery charges may apply for failed deliveries.

 A "delivery calculator" is provided underneath the Order Total once product quantity has been entered. Certain postcodes in IV KA KW PA PH & PO are not charged at standard rates.  Please call to check.

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