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Our range of premium limestone tiles comes in three surface finishes - honed, polished and tumbled. Each finish creates a different effect with tumbled limestone giving a rustic more aged feel, honed having a smooth flat satin contemporary feel, and polished providing a mirror shine to create a real sense of elegance and opulence. Limestone tiles range in durability – generally the lighter the softer. Moleanos limestone being relatively soft and chalky while our Jura Limestone is extremely durable and suitable for use anywhere in the home, outside and commercial applications.


Along with our extensive range of natural stone tiles we believe that our commitment to delivering the best possible customer service as well as the lowest prices will make you a happy customer for many years to come. Why not order some free samples or give our team a call to talk about your project? We'd love to hear from you.


  • Wide choice of finishes for all applications - Honed, Tumbled and Polished.
  • An array of colours sitting in the beige and grey spectrums
  • Premium Grade Limestones tiles available for less than anywhere else online or otherwise.
  • Some limestones also suitable for use externally.
  • Perfectly suited for use with underfloor heating.
  • Free samples available
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Highgrove Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £41.88
NOW £34.68 incl VAT Per SQM

Jaipur Limestone Tiles - Tumbled & Brushed

WAS £39.48
NOW £26.28 incl VAT Per SQM

Milan Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £47.88
NOW £39.90 incl VAT Per SQM

Rutland Grey Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £41.88
NOW £29.90 incl VAT Per SQM

Seagrass Limestone Tiles - Honed

WAS £43.08
NOW £25.08 incl VAT Per SQM

Stamford Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £43.08
NOW £35.90 incl VAT Per SQM