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Limestone Tiles Range


Our range of premium limestone tiles come in three surface finishes - honed, polished and tumbled. Each finish creates a different effect with tumbled limestone giving a rustic more aged feel, honed being a smooth flat satin contemporary feel, and polished providing a mirror shine to create a real sense of elegance and opulence. Limestone ranges in durability, with white limestone being relatively soft and chalky while our Jura Limestone is extremely durable and suitable to used anywhere in the home, including outside. Need some help or advice? Our experienced sales team will be able to guide you through our range

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Limestone tiles are very similar to travertine but do not consist of holes like travertine tiles. This makes them perfect for bathrooms, showers, conservatories, living areas and even kitchens. Due to the diversity of where you can use limestone, it has become one of the most popular stone tiles on the market.As well as its diversity in use, its colour and design diversity has kickstarted its popularity within the home decor world; a whole spectrum of limestone colours is available, from pure white or cool silver to warm Jura beige limestone, to match any colour scheme. It has always been one of the most important and staple tools in home renovation, ever since the Egyptians built the pyramids out of limestone.

Choosing the right limestone

Because limestone can vary in hardness and finish, its suitability for different rooms or surfaces in your home can also vary. It's therefore essential that you seek expert advice when choosing your limestone tiles. We will also advise on the best installation and maintenance techniques, to keep your tiles looking their best for longer. Of course, you can rest assured that any limestone from us is premium quality.For more information about our range of limestone tiles or any other tiles we offer at Stone SuperStore, feel free to call us or enquire online.