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The classic timeless look and versatility of travertine tiles have made them a popular choice in recent times, especially combined with their relative affordability. The very nature of travertine gives the stone a honeycomb structure and this means there will be some natural holes at the surface. Our honed and filled travertine tiles have had any surface holes filled at the factory, usually with a cement-based product of the same colour, and the surface has then been finished to a smooth matt satin.


Beware; not all travertine is the same and it's difficult to compare quality as most suppliers claim to sell "Premium" grade. We guarantee the quality of our travertine is 1st class and offer a full money back guarantee. Quality and service are our priorities - we're confident when it comes to travertine, you can't buy better for less. Why not order some free samples or give our team a call to talk about your project? We'd love to hear from you.

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