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Honed Natural Stone Tile Range


Honed natural stone tiles have a smooth silk like texture to the surface. This finish gives a more modern and contemporary look to any kitchen, bathroom or living area and are the preferred choice for today’s interior designers and architects. We stock beautiful a range of honed tiles in limestone, marble and travertine that are suitable for most areas within the home. Feel free to order any samples you require or call the sales team for suitability or installation advice.

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More about HONED STONE

Honed tiles are some of the smoothest, flattest tiles available due to the way their are constructed. We have listened to the demand for tiles and have picked the top three most popular tiles. These include our Limestone, Marble and Travertine tiles. They’re the most common choices, as they show few scratches and do not require a lot of maintenance.

The honing process is very similar to the polishing process, as it uses machines and abrasives to buff the surface of the stone but it stops just short of the final stage of polishing, giving it a wonderful matte finish.Honed tiles naturally have holes, especially Travertine tiles, which we fill in with an epoxy resin before the stone is ground. This is done to reinforce the stone’s integrity, as well as giving it a smooth appearance.

This reinforcement helps tenfold when it comes to the deflection of scratches and the maintenance of the tiles.The honed tiles look amazing on both floors and walls, making them great for bathrooms and kitchens. Along with their versatility, their ability to prevent scratches makes them good for kitchen use. A great way of keeping a consistent, attractive tile design in the home, honed tiles truly are one of the most impressive choices of tile for your home.