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Porcelain Floor Tile Range


Today’s living demands a more modern approach to floor coverings than traditional flooring like carpets or laminate.  European countries have long since used porcelain tiles to cover entire houses floors, including their bedrooms.  It’s taken a while for us to catch up but tiled floors are the must have choice for today’s modern living.  Porcelain floor tiles are the ideal choice over ceramic tiles as they are the hardest flooring material.  Installed with underfloor heating, tiled floors are the most practical design choice for the modern home. 

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Marmo Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £21.00
NOW £12.60 Per SQM

Monza Avorio Porcelain Tiles

WAS £22.90
NOW £13.60 Per SQM

Solido Nero Porcelain Tiles

WAS £21.90
NOW £12.90 Per SQM

More about FLOOR TILES

We continue to supply homes all across the country with a huge range of porcelain floor tiles. It is the perfect choice of material for many due to its durability, water resistance and it being extremely hardwearing - you can guarantee that your flooring will last you a lifetime. Be sure though to pick a style that will take you through fashion trends; you’ll never need to change your floor, as it will practically never wear out!Porcelain floor tiles are created from refined clay that has been heated at extreme temperatures, making this a far more dense material that ceramic tiles. Have you ever considered why shopping centres around the country opt to have porcelain floor tiles? Not only do they look stunning, clean and fresh, but they can very easily withstand the high traffic volumes that they encounter. Now you are able to bring these benefits to your home and become the envy of your friends and family.

Why choose porcelain flooring?

As the years pass by, there are many floor coverings that begin to age as they start to show signs of wear and tear. But fear not - this is the beauty of porcelain floor tiles. Even with high traffic volumes it is a proven fact that porcelain floor tiles will continue to maintain their fresh appearance long after they have been installed, so you can always enjoy your flooring the same as the very first day it was installed.

If you are considering porcelain bathroom tiles, you're in luck - they are well known to not absorb any moisture that collects, and in addition they are very easy to maintain and keep clean. If you are still not convinced, did you know that porcelain floor tiles can be easily mistaken for natural materials such as stone, as they can look practically the same but without the price tag? Our stone effect tiles have to be seen to be believed.

Whichever style you opt for, we have tiles that will look stunning in any space.

For more information about our porcelain floor tiles, we love to talk, please contact us via our website or call and speak with one of our highly trained sales team.