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See our new range of decorative tiles below. We offer a great selection of decorative patterned tiles which are suitable for use on both floors and walls. The decorative designs take inspiration from past eras and different cultures including Victorian and Moroccan designs. You can use these decorative tiles in a variety of rooms to either create a vintage look or mix with a more contemporary look. All designs are held in stock in our warehouse.


At Stonestore, we offer a large range of patterned tiles and believe that our dedication to providing the best possible customer service as well as the lowest prices will make you a happy customer for many years to come. Why not order some free samples or give our team a call to talk about your project? We'd love to hear from you.


  • Create a stunning vintage look with our range of patterned and decorative tiles.
  • Beautiful patterned tiles taking inspiration from a bygone era.
  • Intricate repeating designs taking influence from old Moroccan floors.
  • Simple monochrome patterns through to complex geometric shapes.
  • Affordable, stylish and bang on trend designs all available from stock.
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