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Choosing the right colour for your floor tiles

There's a huge range of different types of tiles and colour you could choose from. You could go for a nice black quartz tile, a lovely white marble tile or a interesting cube floor tile design. 

When deciding on a colour, you shouldn't just take into account the design of whatever is directly touching your tiles, you need to take into account the whole room. You want to choose a tile colour that complements the walls and other items and decorations in your room. If you don't balance the room with your floor tiles the tiles could overpower the room and ultimately ruin it. Choosing simple tiles, depending on how simple, could let the rest of the room do the talking or highlight it nicely.

You need to match your tiles with the style of the room they are going in. Bright white or glossy black tiles, such as our Quartz tiles, as well as vivid colours will look much better in a newer, modern home. Whereas pastel colours will look better in an older, more traditional style home.

Lighting, as always, is vital. Reflective surfaces love to bounce light around like it's nobody’s business. It is always important to get samples of bathroom or kitchen tiles before you make a big purchase so you can place them around the room to see how they look, feel, reflect the light and complement the room. They will look very different to the tiles that you saw in the store or online.

If you are tiling a small space then lighter tiles are recommended as they can make a room appear larger. Similarly, dark tiles can make a big room feel cosy and smaller. As well as making your room feel bigger or smaller you can use tiles to highlight certain parts of your room, such as a walk in shower. 

We have given you our input, however it is really up to you. You need to love your room before anyone else can love it. What do your bathroom or kitchen tiles look like? We'd love to see so please comment below with a picture.