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Shipping Our Tiles Overseas

We deliver natural stone tiles all over mainland Europe and sometimes beyond! We have many hauliers with regular vehicles going to different countries. We also have a dedicated daily service to Ireland and will soon be adding on a daily service to France - Read on for more info.

Crack Matting (Ditra Matting)

Lots of people ask us about this. It's not within our product range but our experts know all about it. Read on to discover how using this could save your floor from cracking issues in the future especially if you are tiling onto wooden floors.

Cutting & Installing Marble Tiles

A common assumption is that Marble Tiles can be cut like Travertine Tiles or Limestone Tiles. While travertine Tiles and Limestone tiles can be cut with a "flat bed" type cutter, Marble Tiles must cut from the top down and in 1-2mm cuts. Read on for more info or ask the experts here if unsure.

Stonefix Maintenance Liquid

New product listed for cleaning natural stone tiles, especially travertine tiles, limestone tiles and marble tiles. 1 small capful with water is all you need to keep your marble tiles looking fresh!

Cleaning Travertine Tiles

Dont use bleach or any bleach based products for cleaning travertine tiles, granite tiles, limestone tiles, basalt tiles or marble tiles. Read on for more information.

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