Our Top 5 Tile Trends for 2024

If you are preparing to kick-start your next tiling project for the new year, you may be looking for the latest design inspiration to help you with your planning. Read our guide to discover our favourite tile trends of 2024, for the freshest interior design styles that are set to stay.

2024 is the year to embrace the joy of living, in a way that is authentically ‘you’. Focus on ensuring your home reflects your passions, character and, above all else, functions to meet your individual needs. Whether your style is modern-minimal or eclectic-vintage, interior trends are evolving to be broader than ever to ensure you’re getting longevity out of your home décor.



Following in the footsteps of fashion and beauty trends, designing your home is becoming an avenue for wellness, self-care and self-expression. And even though the pandemic seems somewhat of a distant memory, we continue to experience the after-effects by seeking joy, connection and reassurance within the confines of our personal spaces.

Looking ahead, with the cost of living continuing to rise into the new year, it’s understandable that home-improvers are looking for affordable ways to upgrade their spaces. Here at Stone Superstore, we are here to help during your DIY projects offering design hacks, easy-to-follow tile maintenance guides and tile installation advice.


Whether you're beginning to plan your next renovation project or are looking for a simple way to refresh an existing space, continue reading to discover the upcoming tile trends of 2024 for the freshest design inspirations to incorporate into your home now.




Trend 01: Pattern Revival


The resurgence of retro aesthetics will continue to evolve over 2024, building upon the popular warm browns, rich colour and dark woods, with elements of vintage character and graphic pattern for a new take on the popular trend.

Working in both modern & traditional settings, the versatility of this trend is endless, so don’t feel restricted to a certain era. Consider using alternating-coloured tiles to create a striped or chequerboard effect for a nostalgic 60’s inspired style or look at floral patterns for a vintage revival.

Tiling is a fantastic way of channelling creativity through pattern. Graphic motifs, or geometric shapes leave room for customisation depending on how they are laid. It's all about making a space for you, encouraging you to be empowered with your décor choices. Create a bold, eclectic look by adopting the playful trend of pattern-drenching: a maximalist look which builds elements of clashing colour and graphic design features.


Featured Tiles (top to bottom):
Wentworth Lattice, Cavendish Mustard Metro, Salcombe Soft White Metro, Hoxton Natural, Ammoudi Pink, Versailles Sage, Artisan Cotto Metro



Alternatively, if you tend to shy away from pattern, opt for balanced amounts with half walls or zonal tiling along a backsplash. This is a great way to easily apply the latest bathroom tile trends without being overwhelming.

For colour accents, stick to warm, embracing colours such as burnt oranges, deep reds, creamy yellows or even rich greens for ultimate relevance to retro aesthetics. If your preference leans toward neutral décor, consider adding these colours to your space through original artwork, or soft furnishings to add a pop of energy.


Left: Wentworth Flower Pattern Tiles, Right: Striped Metro Tiles (Image Credit: Vincent Leroux, Architectural Digest France)





Trend 02: Unfiltered Optimism


With the term ‘dopamine décor' trending on TikTok, the celebration of joy and self-expression is set to be taken even further over 2024. Colour is hero here, centred around mood-enhancing, invigorating shades in blocking formats to create a real impact.

Once again, the application of this trend is up for personal interpretation, whether that’s through combining a clash of colours or opting for a monochromatic scheme of one tonal shade. When used with confidence this trend comes into a world of its own. From cobalt blue and tomato red to golden yellow and olive green, it’s all about favouring colours that trigger a spark of joy for you.


Featured Tiles (top to bottom):
Portland Classic, Valentina Blush Metro, Artisan Cotto Metro, Shellstone Olive, Soriano Rose Hexagon, Sicilian Gold, Cavendish Mustard Metro, Windsor Light Blue Metro



One of the most popular uses of colour, set to be big in 2024, is the return of soft pastels. These cheery, soothing colours are making their way back into interiors due to their powerful mood-enhancing qualities. Lavendar, apricot, butter yellow and plaster pinks offer a hopeful, yet fun, feel to a space and are particularly enchanting when used in a dusty, matte finish to really let the colour sing.


Left: Salcombe Rose Crackle Tiles, Right: Bold fireplace colour-blocking (Image Credit: Yard Architects)





Trend 03: Natural Connection


The desire to connect with nature in a genuine way proceeds to grow for 2024. Make the most of your outdoor spaces whether that’s a garden, balcony or courtyard, by considering these areas an 'added room' of your home.

We’re continuing to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, creating seamless transitions with large sliding doors, continuous flooring and flowing colour palettes. Outdoor kitchens and back garden ice baths are rising in popularity, with people wanting to utilise their spaces and connect with nature in new, authentic ways.


Featured Tiles (top to bottom):
Bardiglio Grey, Antique Jungle Hexagon, Formentera Bianco, Porto Vintage Nero, Horsham Oak, Winchester Almond Metro, Valencia Verde Metro, Camden Charcoal Metro



Wellness is also a key factor which can be promoted using natural materials in your décor and accessories such as stones, woods and clays. Rustic and handmade-effect tiles are a great way to introduce a natural aesthetic into the kitchen tile trends. Bringing natural materials into the home instantly creates a grounding and reassuring surrounding, that can positively lift your mental state.

Another great way of introducing a visual connection to nature in your spaces, is by opting for green as a colour choice in walls or cabinetry, or even using foliage motifs in tiled bathrooms.


Left: Calacatta Emerald Polished Porcelain Tiles, Right: Porto Vintage Brown Patterned Tiles





Trend 04: Healing Spaces


Having spent more time indoors over the last few years, we’ve looked to our direct surroundings as a means of escapism, tranquillity and restoration. Our next trend for 2024 encourages us to make deeper connections to our spaces, by paring back the visual clutter, and prioritising therapeutic design through intentional décor choices.

Natural materials like wood, terrazzo or marble tiles are ideal material choices here for their inherent textures and calming aesthetics. These surfaces not only visually enchanting, but also invite touch, creating a sensory, tactile experience that reconnects and grounds us. To take this idea further, consider installing underfloor heating to enhance your tiled space, for a soothing, comforting experience.


Featured Tiles (top to bottom):
Veincut Travertino, Hanover Grey, Deckwood Taupe, Babylon Cotton Metro, Farnham Dove White Metro, Dijon Limestone, St Emilion Limestone, Lithos Black



Stacked tiles and linear shapes offer a clean, sleek effect here, minimising the visual clutter. Low lighting, hidden LED strips or even back-lit mirrors are a great way of softening the overall aesthetic to create your own at-home spa bathroom. In living or kitchen spaces rounded shapes, such as arched doorways and curved furniture, can also be used to balance the harder-edge style of this trend, adding a sense of fluidity and balance to your space.

Of course, any effective sensory space should go beyond the visual. Incorporate elements like aromatherapy diffusers and soundscape playlists to complement the visual and tactile experience of the space. By engaging multiple senses, you can create a truly immersive and therapeutic environment within your home.



Left: Lisbon Grey Terrazzo Tiles, Right: Veincut Travertino Porcelain Tiles





Trend 05: Luxe Escapism


Escapism is a theme that is referred to frequently within the interior trends for 2024. And while some people long for a more down-to-earth, stripped-back form of escapism, others are re-defining what the word means to them, using design as an opportunity to lean into a world of opulence, luxury and exotic aesthetics.

It’s all about creating mesmerising, immersive spaces that transport you to ‘somewhere else’, offering comfort with an underlying sense of elegance.


Featured Tiles (top to bottom):
Calacatta Hex Gold, Rain Forest, Salcombe Rose Crackle Metro, Camden Charcoal Metro, Cavendish Turqoise Metro, Artisan Cotto Metro, Onice Turquoise, Flower Azul, Cambridge Sun



Our statement marbles and beautiful onyx-effect porcelain tiles feature intricate veining which mimic the fluidity and movement of sea waters. This comes into a world of its own in a bathroom or wet room on large, enveloping surfaces. Joyful, maximalist styles work well here; play with rich colour, seductive dark tones and polished, gloss tiles for a vibrant, expressive look, with gold or brass fixings to add a luxury finishing touch.

An appreciation for heritage and cultural design is celebrated through decorative period features, ornate coving and traditional panelling; details that create a striking sense of elevated opulence. Tinted glass and high-shine surfaces offer further visual interest with a finesse, provoking fantasy, escapism and imagination.


Left: Sicilian Gold Polished Porcelain Tiles, Right: Agate Royal Blue Polished Porcelain Tiles




Stay ahead of the wall and floor tile trends by keeping up to date with our new tile ranges, and our blog where we share the latest interior design advice, ideas and inspiration.

If you’re contemplating a home refresh in the new year read our article on why it’s time to change up your tiles.




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