Our Favourite Patterned Tile Ideas

If you’re wanting to build charm and a sense of unique character in your home, patterned tiles are the way to go. However, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, and to understand how to use patterned tiles in your interiors in a balanced, fitting way. Read our article to explore our favourite patterned tile ideas, from graphic, modern designs to classic, intricate mosaic schemes.


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If you're looking to add a touch of charm and character to your home interior, look no further than a set of patterned tiles, a versatile and practical surface solution that holds a wonderful ability to transform spaces by infusing them with character, depth, and visual interest. From intricate mosaics to captivating feature walls, the design potential of patterned tiles in bathrooms, kitchens or hallways are boundless.

Whether you’re ready to embrace pattern, or still need a little convincing, there really is something for everyone. Continue reading to explore the creative potential and diverse ideas that our patterned tile ranges can offer, to build interest and character in your spaces.



1. Wanderlust Escapism

What better way to channel the trend of escapism than with a set of stunning European tiles?

Matt finishes and aged effect tiles bring this style to the next level, mirroring the soft, dusty nature of authentic terracotta tiles. Our Ammoudi Cotto tiles perfectly replicate this, offering a rich, rustic feel reminiscent of southern Europe that would look beautiful in a hallway or traditional kitchen.

Traditional patterns and foliage motifs contain a wonderful ability of capturing the vibrance of the sunny Mediterranean by replicating over-seas design and eye-catching colour, to recreate that sense of holiday-like relaxation in your own home.


Left: Ammoudi Cotto, Right: Tropical Jungle



2. Bold Graphic

Adopting a bold colour scheme effectively sets the tone and personality of your interiors. Eye-catching design schemes offer a sense of energy, character and joy, and using a bold pattern is a great way to take this to the next level.

These statement patterned floor and wall tiles are perfectly balanced when complemented with simple, modern furniture, with rounded shapes and pops of colour or wood to soften. If you’re concerned about this style of tile becoming overwhelming, consider pairing them with a plain tile or even painted wall panelling to break up the patterned area.


Left: Portland Classic, Right: Shellstone Olive



3. Heritage Charm

Traditional patterned tiles embody the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern versatility by reviving previous design eras within a modern material. Whether you’re embracing the retro vibe or honouring vintage heritage styles, these tiles carry a wealth of appeal and character in an interior scheme.

Finding a suitable traditional pattered tile is a great way to establish a timeless, classic feel to your home. If you live in an older property, consider keeping any authentic features in your space to complement the traditional design, such as coving, detailed woodwork or even an original fireplace. It’s about creating a home with meaningful personality and appreciating the history of your property to give your interior a unique story.

To create a timeless patterned tile look, opt for subtle design, simple palettes and antique finishes for a tasteful, delicate way to use pattern. Our Wentworth Cross and Bristol Natural ranges are a great way to introduce pattern in a digestible way.


Left: Bristol Natural, Right: Wentworth Cross



4. Mosaics

Mosaics are a popular tile choice for introducing elegant patterns into bathrooms and kitchens, without being overwhelming. These tiny tiles, arranged meticulously, offer a wealth of design opportunities. In bathrooms, mosaic patterns often grace smaller areas such as shower floors, backsplashes, or accent walls, creating focal points that catch the eye.

While mosaics look intricately beautiful, they can be a fiddle to install. Our Versailles Sage tiles offer the perfect solution: an easy to install square tile that mimics the illusion of smaller mosaics after being smoothed over with grout by filling in the small grooves.


Versailles Sage



5. Laying Patterns

Even if you are leaning towards a set of classic metro tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, you can still use these rectangular tiles in a creative way to build interest through laying patterns. Herringbone or basket-weave patterns can enliven these tiled areas with a traditional flair or opt for stacked tiles for more of a sleek, linear style. For further inspiration on laying patterns, read our guide on metro tile ideas to discover how you can use these tiles in your spaces.

Mixing and matching colours is also a great way to create interest and drama through metro tiles. Go bold with contrasting colours in a striped or chequerboard style or keep it subtle with tonal, monochromatic combinations of one colour palette.


Left: Valencia Azure, Right: Babylon Olive




Patterned tile ideas for kitchens

For kitchens, patterned floor tiles act as a design anchor and infuse a unique sense of personality into the heart of your home. Whether you’re leaning towards a traditional checkerboard pattern, bold Terrazzo designs, or vintage-inspired motifs, these tiles offer a captivating visual narrative while standing up to the demands of a high-traffic area.

Even if your kitchen is tighter for space, you can still easily create a statement through a small, confident splash of pattern through wall or floor tiles. For a cohesive interior scheme, choose a tile that features a few different colour shades that you can pick out and apply to other aspects of your space, such as cabinet colours or smaller appliances.


Left: Cambridge Dune, Right: Porto Vintage Brown



Patterned tile ideas for bathrooms

With bathrooms typically being within a smaller, self-contained room of the house, they’re a great opportunity to experiment with pattern, colour and bolder design choices. See your bathrooms, ensuites or cloakroom WCs as playgrounds for creativity, where you can transform a utilitarian space into a stylish capsule and experiment with your interior design, especially if you're hesitant to go bolder in the larger, more open areas of your home.

To avoid the risk of having your smaller bathroom overwhelmed by pattern, contain your tiling to the floor alone, or one feature wall behind the vanity or bath. Alternatively, run the tiles around the room at half height, paired with plain tiles or bathroom-friendly paint above, to balance out the pattern. Read our tips and tricks on tile ideas for small bathrooms to make the most of your compact space.


Left: Wentworth Flower, Right: Hoxton Grey



Whether you opt for subtle elegance or bold statements, patterned tiles are a fantastic way to express your creativity and develop personality within your interiors. We encourage you to embrace the charm of pattern, experiment with combinations, and let your home design tell your unique story.

For further inspiration, visit our blog for expert home design advice and insight into the upcoming 2024 interior trends.


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