Log Burner Tile Ideas for your Home

Add a cosy charm to your home with a traditional log-burning stove. Ideal for keeping your living room warm and snug, a log burner alone can look fantastic, but it can be made even more visually striking with the right tiles. Keep reading to learn exactly how to tile around your new log burner and get inspired by our style suggestions.


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If you’re looking for a stylish feature that can readily warm your home while simultaneously acting as a distinct focal point in your living room, a log-burning stove could be the ideal solution.

Timeless in style and incredibly beneficial for those looking to save on energy bills over the colder seasons, a log burner is an absolute must. These fireplace features look great on their own or can have creative tiled surrounds to create a truly unique style piece.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about tiling behind a log burner, including tips on what type of tiles to pick to avoid accidental damage, and how to install them correctly for maximum effect.

Not only that, but we’ve even come up with a few décor suggestions of our own to help inspire your inner interior decorator!


To create a stylish feature with a cosy log burner fireplace in your home, choosing the right tiles is key.


Can you tile behind a log burner?

Of course - we wouldn’t be writing this article if you couldn’t! However, just because tiling behind a log burner is feasible, that doesn’t mean that every type of tile will be suitable for the job. For example, not every tiling material is heat resistant or sealed against soot and ash stains.

You also need to bear in mind that the space around log burners needs to be of a specific thickness requirement. Therefore, you’ll need to think about which tiles will look good on top of the base brickwork, bearing in mind that these tiles will extend out further than the base surface.


What tiles can you use behind a log burner?

Heat-resistant tiles are an absolute must when tiling behind a log burner, meaning your choice of material will be somewhat limited, though these materials themselves can offer a wide variety of style and aesthetic choices that can support any home décor.

We’d specifically recommend sticking to either porcelain or natural stone tiling. Both of these materials are well-suited to tiling behind a log burner thanks to their method of construction and innate durability, giving you a beautiful, tiled finish that you know won’t crack, chip, or melt when the heat is turned up.

Of course, it’s not just heat-resistant tiles you’ll need to think about, but heat-resistant adhesive, grout, and sealant as well. If you don’t include these, you could find your grouting melting away, tiles falling off, or even stone becoming permanently soot and ash stained.


Venezia Bianco Porcelain


Which tiles are best under a log burner?

When it comes to knowing which tiles are best under a log burner, your choice is exactly the same as when tiling around and behind your new heating system. Simply give these tiles the same careful consideration as your wall tiles and you’ll find you have a burner floor that’s more than capable of handling the heat.


How to tile behind a log burner

Now you’re aware of what tiles you can use behind a log burner, it’s time to look at exactly how to tile behind a log burner so that you can nail your chosen fireplace aesthetic and seamlessly bring your new home feature to life.

Take a look at our main steps below so you know what to do at each stage of the installation:

1. First things first, you need to measure the space in which your new tiles will be sitting. That way you’ll know how many tiles to buy to avoid having too few or too many. However, you’ll need to factor in space for grout as well, so be sure to carry out your measurements with this in mind.

2. Next, you’ll need to measure and mark your cement boards. These are heat-resistant boards that you’ll be applying your tiles to, providing them with a stable and even base.

3. Once this is done, carry out a dry run to find the perfect layout for your tiles before you start adhering them to your boards. This will also help you understand if you need more tiles than originally planned and if any will need cutting.

4. Finally, begin tiling your new fire space as you normally would, following the steps in our guide on how to tile a wall.

And that’s it, tiling the area around a log burner really is that simple. And be sure to remember to carry out your tiling before you install your log burner, otherwise, you’ll make such a task far trickier than it needs to be.


Unique log burner tile ideas

So, with our top tiling tips shared above, let’s take a look at some of our favourite wood burner tile ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own home.

We’ve pulled together 5 of our most popular wood burner aesthetics below for you to feast your eyes on:


1. Bold patterns and mosaics

A fireplace lends itself well to making a bold statement, as they tend to be a main architectural focus of a room. Which is exactly why you might want to consider using patterned tiles or mosaics.

Suitable for use in both modern and traditional homes, you can create a trend-led aesthetic using intricate pattern designs to replicate Mediterranean or Scandi-inspired styles. Or, alternatively, you could opt for a graphic mix of bold colours to create a visually striking backdrop to your fireplace. As a small area, it’s a great opportunity to go bold and brave with your tiles, getting creative with herringbone, striped or chequerboard layouts for a truly on-trend look.


The Modest Semi uses our Babylon Olive with Babylon Cotton to create this stunning chequerboard tiled feature.


2. Cosy and comforting stones

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, we have the classic cottage and farmhouse styles that are often associated with open heaths and log burners.

Perfect for anyone looking to master that rustic feel, such a style can look fantastic with either natural limestone or stone-effect porcelain, both of which can easily capture such a traditional aesthetic.

Of course, this tile material is by no means restricted to older homes, and with the right styling it can perfectly suit a modern property. Just remember to seal any porous natural stone tiles you use so they’re properly protected!


Somerset Tumbled and Brushed Limestone


3. Vintage metro back panels

Sleek and attractive, if you’re after an element of vintage décor to match your new burner, then you can’t go wrong with metro tiles or metro back panels. Ideal for making your room feel that much more spacious, their glossy sheen will even help to reflect the light and bounce the heat from your fire back into the room.

But you don’t have to include metro tiles as both your burner’s wall and floor design if you’re concerned it will look too busy. Instead, you might prefer to have metro tiles as your back panelling while using patterned or plain tiles for your floor to create a clean break that accentuates your fireplace feature even further.

Cavendish Moss Metro Tiles


4. Classic Victorian

If you want to go all out with your new wood burner while still conjuring up a space that exudes elegance, then leaning into a Victorian style is a great way to channel a classic design aesthetic.

Seamlessly blending decorative tiling with a grand mantlepiece, a Victorian aesthetic allows you to go all out when it comes to your choice of tile pattern and colour, allowing you to recreate some truly beautiful designs that were the hallmarks of this time period.


5. Contemporary

Finally, for those seeking a way to flawlessly incorporate their wood burner into a more modern and minimalist home, then we’d recommend choosing one type of stone or tile design and laying it out as a simple base beneath your burner.

With this type of design, it’s important not to add too much or you’ll risk your new space feeling cluttered. For that reason, we suggest opting for no back tiling altogether, instead having your wood burner sitting open in the space, atop your new tile set.

Our antique porcelain tiles are the easy, durable option that offer the appearance of natural stone slabs


Find your new tiles with Stone Superstore

And there you have it, those are our favourite suggestions for wood burner tile ideas, as well as some top tips on how to select your tiles and lay them properly. With these in hand, you should have the confidence and inspiration to incorporate a new log burner to your home!

Get in touch today to learn more about our wide range of tile options. And when you’ve settled on a few favourites, don’t forget to order some free samples so you can compare them within your home in person.


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