Bathroom Feature Wall Tile Ideas

Add character to your bathroom with a stylish, tiled feature wall that combines unique style and colour. In this article, we explore what bathroom feature wall tiling is, and how you can add a stunning focal point to your bathroom or wet room.


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Being a predominantly functional room of the home, bathrooms have typically been overlooked in terms of their design potential. Looking ahead, bathroom trends are encouraging us to see our spaces as a creative opportunity to bring fun, character and bespoke interest through our visual decor.

Creating feature wall tiling to your washroom is a sure-fire way to brighten up this utilitarian room, without a complete redesign. Add a pop of eye-catching character to your bathroom with a tiled feature wall, using an accent of colour, contrast or pattern to form a stylish focal point.

So, if you’re after some bathroom tile feature wall ideas, take a look at our top suggestions below for some opening inspiration.


Shellstone Olive Terrazzo Porcelain Tiles



What is bathroom feature wall tiling?

Before we share our suggestions for the types of tiles best suited for use on a feature wall, let’s first look at what a feature wall is, and what it can bring to your space.

Put simply, a bathroom feature wall is a statement decor element – a single wall in your bathroom that acts as a focal point of the space. It creates an area that draws the eye upon entering while providing a distinct accent to the rest of your bathroom’s aesthetic.

A feature wall is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to a room like this, typically blending bold designs and colours with more neutral hues for a distinct contrast. They’re also especially well-suited to smaller bathrooms, helping to make the whole room feel bigger without taking up any of the limited available space.


When should you choose a tiled feature wall?

A tiled feature wall looks great in most bathrooms, but they’re best used when you want to add a sense of depth to your wash space or to break up rigid or overly plain decor.

And by creating a singular focal point that contrasts against the rest of the space, a feature wall can actually make a space feel bigger by creating a sense of depth, so don’t be afraid to add one no matter your bathroom’s size.


Valentina Matcha Green Tiles



Which wall is best suited as a feature wall?

When creating a decor statement, such as a tiled feature wall, it’s important to make sure that you pick the right wall for the job. In most cases, this is likely going to be the wall closest to the spot where your eyes are naturally drawn to in the room, but this isn’t always the case.

Typically, the wall behind your bath, shower, or sink is the best suited to having a feature wall, particularly if you’re looking for small bathroom feature wall ideas, as this will help to further highlight an already important area of the space.


Onice Twilight Blue Polished Porcelain


How should I tile a feature wall?

When it comes to considering the different options for feature wall tiling, there really is no right and wrong. From distinct hexagonal patterns and colourful metros to large porcelain or marble tiles, it’s important to choose the right option for your individual style.

We’ve covered our favourite feature tile options below, that are suitable for both large and small bathroom feature wall ideas:

1. Metro tiles

Metro tiles might appear quite plain, but they’re certainly one of the most versatile tile options out there. This is thanks to their vast colour range, as well as the ease with which they can be laid in different patterns.

Whether that be a traditional subway style, a modern stacking pattern, or a more complex herringbone layout, you have numerous placement options to choose from with metro tiles to suit any space, and look equally stunning in both vintage and modern aesthetics.


Camden Cloud Grey Metro Tiles


2. Large Format Statement Tiles

If metro tiles aren’t for you and you’re after a more typical bathroom feature wall idea instead, then consider opting for the luxurious look of large format tiles for your bathroom.

With our large format porcelain tiles, we have a wide range of material-effects, as well as colours and styles, making it easy to create a simple yet refined feature wall for any bathroom. While they of course lend themselves to bigger spaces, don’t shy away from using large tiles if your bathroom is small. Having fewer grout lines, they provide a more seamless look, which in turn can add give the illusion of a wider expanse of space.


Sicilian Gold Polished Porcelain


3. Hexagonal tiles

One of the more unique tile shapes we offer here at Stone Superstore, hexagonal bathroom tiles are a perfect choice for use with a bathroom feature wall of any size.

From a unique honeycomb pattern that defines the wall’s entirety, to getting creative with pattern layouts, there’s plenty you can do with hexagonal tiles that is guaranteed to bring interest and character to your bathroom.


Lily Aqua Decor Tiles


4. Patterned tiles

For those looking to get creative, consider a feature wall that’s more of an art piece than a simple shade of colour with our range of patterned tiles.

Available in everything from vintage décor motifs to full floral displays, and even more modern geometric designs, this sort of tiling makes it easy to evoke a specific feeling in your bathroom while matching your desired aesthetic. For example, using nature-inspired foliage patterned tiles introduce a relaxing, grounding feel that is ideal for a serene bathroom space.


Tropical Jungle Patterned Tiles


5. Natural stone tiles

Alternatively, another option that’s guaranteed to bring a direct connection with nature to your wash space is natural stone bathroom tiling. Tactile and gorgeous to look at, natural stone tiling comes a range of sizes and materials.

Natural stone is very diverse and can suit a range of decor styles. If elegance is what you’re after, then a material like marble is a must. But if you want a more rustic charm, then you might want to consider limestone tiling instead.

Best of all, natural stone tiling is completely timeless, and will never go out of fashion, helping to make your bathroom design stand the test of time.


Bianco Carrara Marble Tiles


6. Material-effect Porcelain tiles

Last, but not least of our bathroom tile feature wall ideas, we have porcelain tiles. Durable and hard-wearing, porcelain is well-suited for us in a bathroom thanks to its non-porous nature and resistance to mould and mildew.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Porcelain-effect tiles also allow you to mimic the look and style of all manner of natural stone, marble and even wood-effect tiles, all without the associated drawbacks that come with them, making them perfect for those who want an easy-maintenance bathroom.


Deckwood Honey Porcelain Tiles


And there you have it; those are our top suggestions and ideas for creating a tiled feature wall in your bathroom. Of course, there are endless options out there that you can look into, and we encourage you to do your research so you can make a feature wall that you’re truly proud of.

If you’re ready to get started, browse our full ranges today, or get in touch with the Stone Superstore team if you have any further questions. And if you’re stuck on which tile to choose, you can order a set of free tile samples.


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