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Popular Patio & Garden Design Trends for 2024

Get inspired to begin your outdoor makeover just in time for the warmer seasons. In this trend guide, we’ve explored the most popular patio and garden design trends for 2024 and beyond, focusing on wellness, personality and connecting with nature.

As we eagerly start to see the days getting brighter and longer, we begin to think about how we can upgrade our exterior spaces and get them ready for the warmer months ahead. Whether you’re looking for garden patio inspiration, design ideas, or are simply curious to find out what the key drivers of this year's trends are, continue reading our design guide to find what we can expect from the latest garden trends for 2024.

This year, garden design trends are set to evolve from the expectations of pristine, minimalist spaces to a much wilder, and naturally informal design style; where wildlife, sustainability, and wellness are prioritised. As the desire to connect with nature in a genuine way proceeds to grow for 2024, so does the importance of creating a space that reflects your unique character, beyond the walls of your interior home. Be sure to make the most of your outdoor property, whether that’s a garden, balcony or courtyard, by considering these areas an extension of your home and personal style.

Get inspired by our favourite garden trends of 2024 below, to kickstart your next project and give your outdoor space some TLC, just in time for spring and summer.



Wellness-centric Spaces

Wellness is a trend that has been circling the design world for some time, yet 2024 sees us starting to connect the dots between the interior and exterior, by approaching garden design in more of a holistic way.

The concept of creating our own, personal wellness spaces will continue to grow over the next few years, so consider physical health, mental wellness, and mindfulness as important factors to incorporate into garden design. Outdoor yoga sessions, private reading nooks, and garden ice baths are rising in popularity, with people wanting to utilise their spaces as a way of finding peace, while connecting with nature in new, authentic ways.


Left: Rock Slate Grigio 90x60cm



Indoor/Outdoor Living

With endless studies preaching scientific evidence, the positive health and wellness effects of nature are undeniable, and we’re continuing to blur the boundaries between our indoor and outdoor spaces to optimise these benefits. Look to create seamless transitions with large sliding doors, continuous floors of indoor outdoor tiles and flowing colour palettes to visually link these spaces.


Rock Slate Grigio Indoor and Outdoor 


The boundaries between our interior and exterior living spaces will become even more blurred as we continue to invite nature into our homes, yet also begin to apply the ‘rules’ of home design to our outdoor areas – seeing these areas as an ‘additional room’ of our properties.

Chic garden furniture and indoor/outdoor accessories have boomed since the pandemic, meeting the demand of versatile, weather-proof pieces that don’t compromise on design style. From patterned rugs and trendy cushions to decorative lighting or lounge chairs, the separation between furniture being suitable for sole indoor or outdoor use is diminishing. These versatile pieces are a great way of letting your personality spill into your outdoor lounging spaces, that feels just as cool and cosy as your interior.


Explore our concrete-effect paving tiles for a stylish, modern patio aesthetic



Urban Gardens

Post-pandemic, people are striving to connect with the outdoors by optimising any outdoor space available to them by nurturing plants, growing home produce, or simply relaxing and reaping the benefits of being outdoors. Even within cities, where residents may only have access to a balcony, courtyard or rooftop, people are longing to be outdoors without needing to rely on public green spaces or travelling far afield.

With this year’s garden trends set to focus on natural connection, practicality and individuality, more people than ever are seeking to transform whatever outdoor space they have into their own natural sanctuary – be it a large-scale garden renovation, or a compact balcony refresh.

The key to designing a small terrace or balcony is to centre it around your character and design needs, while maximising the space you have to create a cosy outdoor area that you enjoy being in. Utilise your floor space by adding hanging planters, wall-mounted shelving and hooks, or even consider adding an outdoor mirror to give the illusion of a larger area.

Whether your ideal exterior space is for dining, growing produce, or simply enjoying a coffee with a book, opt for functional furniture and practical surfaces that suit your needs. Our patterned outdoor tiles are a fantastic way of creating eye-catching, stylish visual appeal within a durable porcelain material that is easy to clean.


Our square paving tiles are ideal for use in smaller exterior spaces such as balconies and terraces




Rewilding is a sustainable gardening approach that encourages wildlife, insects and birds to thrive in our designed gardens, immersing us within nature in a very grounding, authentic way. From growing bee-friendly flowers and incorporating shelter for birds and insects, to using natural stone materials, it's about making smarter design choices that benefits the wildlife within your garden.

Fill your garden with natural planting that allows wildlife to thrive. Scatter packs of wildflower seeds into your planting beds for a charming, romantic look that is low-cost and very low maintenance.


Left: Natural garden design (image credit: Randy Fath), Right: Scattered wildflowers (image credit: Erda Estremera)



Mediterranean Escapism

Mediterranean-inspired design is a key influence for the hottest garden design trends of the moment. Think refined, sophisticated style with a mix of tactile features and soft, warm neutrals in your paving tiles or furniture selections.

While sandstone or limestone paving provides an un-matched sense of traditional charm, our antique effect porcelain tiles offer a result of engineered perfection: recreating the subtle tumbled edges and antiqued surface of natural stone, combined with the practicality of modern porcelain. Our beige porcelain paving slabs can instantly give your garden a lifted, brighter feel while also making floor space appear larger, ideal for that warm, European-inspired look.

For more of a contemporary take on these Mediterranean patio trends, break up large areas of expansive paving by interlaying gravel or grass between your slabs to create a smart, stepping-stone-style pathway that feels super chic.


Left: Kensington Beige Antiqued, Right: Luxor Silver Porcelain



Alfresco Entertaining

With the soaring travel and hospitality costs only predicted to rise, we're increasingly looking to create our own spaces of ‘at-home luxury’ to find these moments of escapism or ways to entertain friends and family. Outdoor kitchens and built-in barbeque areas are becoming a popular consideration within people’s garden design checklist, along with firepits, pizza ovens, counter space, and even wine/beer fridges.

To create an inviting, and stylish outdoor cooking or dining area that you will want to spend time using, it’s important to factor in practicality. Overhead garden structures, such as pergolas and awnings, have started to re-trend over recent years, offering shelter from the temperamental British weather, while providing a sense of enclosure and much needed privacy.

When it comes to functionality, opting for a durable and easy-to-clean flooring material, such as porcelain paving tiles, is a must-have for exterior dining areas, ensuring food and drink spills are easy to clean without marking your external flooring. For those looking to take their design creativity to the next level, try incorporating patterned paving into your patio to zone the dining seating area from the rest of your garden area.



Hopefully you’re now feeling inspired by our top garden and patio trends for 2024, ready to begin your garden renovation journey just in time for summer. Or if you’re simply feeling inspired to give your existing outdoor space some needed TLC, discover our paving advice guides for how to give your patio paving a quick refresh.




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