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Modern Garden Paving Ideas

Revive your garden with a stylish, modern refresh, ready for the warmer summer months ahead. Discover our favourite modern garden paving ideas and advice in this article, to inspire your project and give an instant update to your outdoor space.

As the evenings get lighter and the temperatures begin to slowly increase, we start to look forward to the upcoming days spent hosting barbeques and patio gatherings. In turn, our focus also begins to shift from interior home improvements to giving our gardens a much-needed, post-winter refresh, ready for the warmer spring and summer months ahead.

The right modern garden paving ideas can completely transform your outdoor space, making it feel brighter and more spacious. But most importantly, beautiful designs can reflect your unique style, as with the rest of your home.

Discover our favourite modern garden design ideas below, from interesting laying techniques, colours and styles to important cost considerations, giving you the needed inspiration to begin your next paving project with confidence.


Rock Slate Grigio Porcelain Paving



Seamless indoor/outdoor tiles

One of the most effective modern garden patio ideas is to match your indoor tiling with your outdoor pavers to create a seamless look that flows effortlessly between your home and garden. Explore our selection of indoor/outdoor porcelain tiles that offer a sleek transition and sophisticated, considered aesthetic by making your patio an extension of your home.

This style not only provides a modern, fuss-free look, but it can also make both spaces feel bigger by blurring the spatial boundaries and opening up the floor plan.

For a completely cohesive indoor/outdoor look, it’s important to consider a tile that will complement the materials and design styles of both spaces. Opt for warm neutral shades or grey porcelain paving slabs for a versatile choice that will beautifully enhance any colour scheme.


Ashton Grey Porcelain Paving



Make a statement

Using patterned paving tiles is a brilliant way of adding character to an outdoor space. They are also great for zoning or breaking up larger paved areas when paired with a matching plain option.

Create an accent of interest in your seating or dining areas with a tiled ‘rug’ feature that helps to draw the eye to key focal points of your garden, while providing a chic, modern look.

As well as large spaces, patterned tiles also look fantastic when used alone in a smaller garden, such as a backyard or modern terrace area, as a small-yet-mighty pop of statement decor.


Atmosphere Grey Decor Porcelain Paving



Large format paving

Create a higher-end aesthetic with large-format 1200x600 paving slabs, designed to provide a clean, modern statement that looks effortlessly elegant.

Larger paving slabs are the ideal option for those seeking a minimalist garden style, by providing a sleek, modern aesthetic that is completely fuss-free. Not only that, but they can also give the illusion of an expanded floor space due to the fewer grouted joint lines – making them an ideal paving solution for gardens of all sizes.


Concreto Anthracite Porcelain Paving



Modern stepping stones

Known for their smooth surfaces and clean, rectified edges, porcelain paving slabs are the go-to choice for flawless modern garden path ideas.

To add a dynamic feel to your garden space, break up large areas of expansive paving by interlaying gravel or grass between your slabs to create a smart, stepping-stone-style pathway. Not only does this technique create an interesting design feature, but laying your paving as stepping stones is a great option for those taking on a DIY project, as the intended gaps mean the alignment doesn’t need to be spot on!


Luxor Silver Porcelain Paving



Light, contemporary finishes

Lighter beige or grey paving slabs are a great way to instantly give your garden a modern, brighter feel that feels reminiscent of cool, contemporary European styles. When used on large surfaces, lighter neutral shades are guaranteed to make a space look bigger and airier, while warmer hues create a crisp, clean, sanctuary-like space.

While natural stone paving provides an unmatched sense of traditional charm, porcelain paving slabs are ideal for those seeking a cleaner, more modern overall look. For a minimalist, modest style, opt for smooth stone-effect paving that looks perfectly balanced against vibrant planting, sculptural features and sleek furniture.

Alternatively, porcelain pavers in a grey concrete effect are great for building stylish, urban character in contemporary gardens, providing a realistic, industrial appearance that adds a chic vibe.


Martello Beige Porcelain Paving



What are the cheapest paving slabs?

Due to the lower maintenance costs, it is argued that the cheapest type of modern paving is typically porcelain paving slabs. Natural stone paving requires regular sealing, to ensure that exterior elements such as dirt, leaves and moss don’t stain the porous surface. On the other hand, porcelain is a highly durable, low-maintenance material meaning that, once laid, your pavers will only require basic cleaning to keep them in top condition.

However, for the lower-budget, natural-stone seekers, our paving packs are a great cost-effective way to purchase natural stone paving. Each including a variety of tile shapes, they come in standard packs which are designed to cover a particular sized floor area. Browse our full range to see if natural stone paving packs would work for your garden space.


If you’re feeling inspired from our modern paving ideas, order three free samples today to get your project underway!

For more information on our paving ranges, you can get in touch with our friendly team directly, or browse our outdoor paving advice guides for installation and maintenance information.




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