Mediterranean Patio Ideas

Create your own garden sanctuary using the charm of the Mediterranean design trend, with our expert styling tips and decor ideas. From selecting the perfect paving tiles to colour palette insight, we cover everything you need to know about one of the top design trends of the year, to create a perfect area for relaxing, escapism, and al fresco entertaining. Read our Mediterranean patio ideas to discover more.

As the cost of living and travel expenses continue to soar, many of us are seeking solace in our immediate surroundings. The Mediterranean design trend perfectly encapsulates this shift, echoing the warmth and charm of overseas destinations from within the comfort of your own home, as a way of finding escapism, tranquillity, and rejuvenation.


Dijon Beige Antiqued Porcelain Paving


Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, timeless architecture, and effortlessly elegant lifestyle, inviting patios, gardens and terraces are essential to the Mediterranean way of life, serving as an extension of indoor living areas, perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and al fresco dining.

If you’re looking to infuse your outdoor space with the charm and warmth of this popular design trend, read our expert advice on Mediterranean patio garden ideas below.


1. Choosing the right paving


Natural stone paving

Natural materials like terracotta, limestone, and sandstone embody the distinct character of classic Mediterranean design, making natural stone paving an ideal choice for Mediterranean paving ideas - their earthy tones and tactile qualities add authentic charm to any outdoor space.

Limestone paving provides a softer, more muted palette with delicate fossil detailing that is perfect for a subtle yet sophisticated aesthetic. In contrast, sandstone paving introduces a rustic element, enhancing the natural beauty and warmth of a natural outdoor aesthetic.


Porcelain tiles

Outdoor porcelain paving tiles are a versatile and durable alternative to stone slabs, offering a wide range of styles that mimic the look of natural materials in a modern, low-maintenance format.

From travertine-effect to limestone-effect and even patterned paving tiles, porcelain paving comes in various colours, textures, and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect tile to achieve your desired Mediterranean aesthetic. Porcelain tiles are also highly resistant to moisture, stains, and temperature changes, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use.


Left: Travertino Light Porcelain, Right: Noho Dove Grey Decor Porcelain


When updating your garden, it's crucial to consider the practical aspects of your patio tile options, such as slip resistance and maintenance, to ensure your paved garden brings you lasting joy and peace of mind.

Both natural stone and porcelain tiles are available in slip-resistant finishes, making them safe for outdoor use. While both options are extremely durable, porcelain tiles offer the advantage of being lower-maintenance and easy to clean. In contrast, natural stone tiles require sealing to protect against moisture, frost, and stains to keep them looking in top condition.


2. Creating a colour palette

Warm earthy colours

Classic Mediterranean design is characterised by the warm, inviting palettes inspired by the natural colours of the surrounding landscape. Imagine hues that reflect the colours of the sun, sea, and land to guide your palettes.

Earthy tones like terracotta, sand, and ochre work beautifully in outdoor spaces, while rich shades of blue and green, reminiscent of deep-sea waters and the dusty olive greens of the landscape, further enhance the Mediterranean feel. Incorporate these colours as accents through cushions, planters, or furniture, or even opt for paving slabs in these earthy hues to establish a strong foundation for an undeniably Mediterranean-inspired patio.


Left: Concrete-effect Porcelain Paving, Right: Lithos Beige Porcelain


Bright white aesthetic

For those who long for more of a minimalist outdoor colour scheme, consider a fresh Greek inspired patio, influenced by the white sands of Crete or the crisp architecture of sunny Santorini.

To create an eye-catching, luxurious space, incorporate crisp white furniture upholstery, soft fabric awnings or even warm white paving slabs that will really elevate your patio design. Not only do these paving tiles look the part, but they’re incredibly durable while also helping to make a space appear visually brighter and larger.

To take your Greek patio ideas one step further, pair white decor with accents of eye-catching blue. This can be achieved through deckchairs, outdoor tableware, or even painting the exterior of your patio doors for a bolder, more striking look.


Left: Kensington Beige Antiqued Porcelain, Right: Dover White Porcelain


3. Enhancing with Planting

Choosing the right outdoor paving tiles and furniture is essential for setting a strong foundation in your garden design scheme. Yet also selecting the appropriate plants will significantly enhance your Mediterranean patio ideas, immersing you in a true sense of escapism.

Incorporate lush greenery and vibrant flowers to bring life and colour to your patio. Olive trees, lavender, rosemary, or fig trees are excellent choices that are reminiscent of warmer climates that can also thrive in the UK - perfect for those looking for vibrant Greek style patio ideas. Additionally, decorative accents such as terracotta pots and patterned planters provide a simple yet effective way to infuse your space with Mediterranean character and earthy, warming tones.


Lagos Grey Porcelain


4. Lighting and Ambiance

One of the most impactful yet simple changes you can make to your garden is perfecting the lighting, ideal for those seeking small Mediterranean patio ideas.

String lights, lanterns, and candles create a warm, inviting ambiance perfect for evening entertaining. Wall-mounted sconces and solar-powered pathway lights provide practical illumination for walkways, ensuring you can enjoy your garden well into the darker evenings. Layer multiple sources of lighting to enhance the overall aesthetic, by adding a touch of consideration and sophistication to your outdoor space.


Ashton Grey Porcelain


Whether you’re hosting summer gatherings or enjoying a warm evening under the stars, you can enjoy the timeless beauty and laid-back elegance of Mediterranean living right in your back garden with our Mediterranean style patio ideas.

For more inspiration, explore our full garden design advice section, where you'll find modern paving ideas, trend insights and handy tips and tricks to give your garden a refresh. Transform your outdoor space into the garden you’ve always dreamed of with Stone Superstore.




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