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Corner Patio Ideas and Inspiration

Discover how to make the most of your outdoor space with our ultimate guide to corner patio ideas. From cosy seating nooks to lush planting beds and clever storage hacks, learn how to transform neglected corners into stylish and functional features that are also DIY friendly.

Whether your property includes an expansive garden or a small courtyard, utilising the often-overlooked corners of your natural stone slab or porcelain paving patio is the best way to make the most of your exterior space.

In this design guide, we'll explore a range of space-saving corner patio ideas to revamp those neglected areas, turning them into stylish and purposeful features of your outdoor garden design.

From built-in furniture to multi-functional storage or structured shelters, these are our favourite corner garden patio ideas that are also budget and DIY-friendly.


Cosy seating nooks

Lounge seating or dining furniture is an almost-guaranteed addition to any new garden space. And it often stays put all year round - so why not utilise the neglected areas of your patio to accommodate your seating?

Keep your furniture tucked away by transforming these areas of your patio into a tidy seating nook. For instance, consider installing a built-in bench or position a cosy outdoor sofa against the corner walls, as a snug and sheltered area to unwind, relax and refresh.

Enhance comfort further through the addition of homely touches, such as candle lanterns, plush cushions, or blankets in shades of earthy, neutral colours to create an inviting space that still feels cohesive within your garden.


Let your outdoor tiles shine by keeping your furniture neatly tucked away and cohesive with your garden design


Corner planter beds

Bring life to the corners of your patio with lush greenery and vibrant foliage, such as raised, built-in planter beds that create an enveloping feel while drawing the eye upward. Just be sure to incorporate a variety of taller trees, small plants, cascading vines, or vertical gardens to add depth and visual interest to the space!

You could even consider integrating a small, built-in bench feature to the design, to create a tranquil, immersive spot that’s perfect for lounging in the sun.


Belmond Ivory Porcelain Paving


Warm up with a fireplace

Upgrade your outdoor lounge area with a charming corner fireplace or fire pit, transforming your corner patio into a cosy spot that you’ll enjoy using all year-round. Whether you prefer a traditional wood-burning fireplace or a modern gas fire pit, the ambiance of flickering flames will create a captivating focal point, while the warmth offers ideal practicality in the colder evenings to ensure you get the most use out of your garden.

Surround the fireplace with comfortable seating to create an inviting atmosphere for gatherings – just be sure to keep enough distance between the fireplace and furniture to stay safe!


Mustang Crema Porcelain Paving


Design a functional outdoor kitchen

For those who enjoy alfresco entertaining, hosting barbecues, and at-home cooking, lean into one of the most popular garden trends of the year by turning that neglected patio corner into a stylish outdoor kitchen.

The exact features you choose to include in your outdoor kitchen really depends on how you’d want to use it. However, to make the most out of a smaller area, some ideas could include installing a built-in grill, pizza oven, countertop space, and even storage for stashing utensils and supplies.

Create a cohesive design scheme by visually connecting your outdoor space to your indoor kitchen, tying in the same design cues by using the same cabinet colours, handles, or even kitchen tiles, to make your garden an extension of your home. Incorporating patterned tiles within an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add a pop of distinct character, while remaining ultimately practical.


Invite character into your garden with outdoor patterned tiles (Image credit: Future PLC/Jemma Watts)


And to add the finishing touches to your outdoor kitchen, think about adding overhead string lights over a bar counter or dining area, adjacent to your outdoor kitchen, to create a seating area that is great for entertaining well into the evening.


Incorporate storage solutions

Incorporating shelving or storage is one of the simplest-yet-most-effective small corner patio ideas. If a garden shed is too bulky for your compact space, or perhaps even out of budget, you can still make the most of the limited exterior by incorporating creative storage solutions into your corner patio design.

Utilise space by installing shelves or wall-mounted racks, to display potted plants, firewood, or decorative accents. Alternatively, consider creating a multi-functional corner storage bench or ottoman that offers seating with added hidden compartments to store outdoor cushions, throws, or gardening tools - keeping them protected from moisture, frost and dirt.


Corsica Grigio Porcelain Paving


If your outdoor floor space is really limited, maximise vertical space instead, with hanging planters or trellises - climbing vines or flowers, such as roses or wisteria, will add an instant pop of colour!


Install a corner pergola

Add architectural intrigue to the corner of your patio with a distinctive pergola structure, a cheaper alternative to a shed or summerhouse that is effective at providing shade while also being a great way to zone a tricky garden layout.

Often used to house handy seating, pergolas offer ideal opportunity to incorporate hanging lighting or retractable canopies that provide shelter from wind or rain (yet are easily removeable when the sun makes an appearance). Alternatively, for those after a more natural look, you could even train climbing plants such as roses, wisteria, or jasmine to grow along the structure, creating a lush canopy of foliage to provide shade.


Our modern porcelain paving slabs are perfect to use alongside a stylish garden pergola structure


Not only are they highly functional, but pergola structures are also a great opportunity to let your creativity shine. Design a visually appealing feature through weather-poof paints, string lights or hanging accessories. Whether your style is bold and colourful or muted and neutral, our grey porcelain slabs or beige porcelain paving slabs will provide the perfect, versatile backdrop for your unique designs.


There we have it: this year’s top backyard corner patio ideas! With a little creativity and design imagination, the corners of your patio or garden can be quickly transformed into stylish and functional spaces that will enhance your outdoor living experience. Whether you're looking to create a cosy seating nook, adopt immersive lush greenery, or implement practical storage space, the possibilities are endless.

Discover our full range of patio paving tiles today to give your garden a new lease of life in time for the summer. Or explore our full garden design inspiration page for further ideas to get your creativity flowing!




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