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Jura Beige Limestone To Sweden

We send natural stone tiles all over the world. One of our customers in Sweden loved our Jura Beige Limestone so much they came back for a whole load more.

Travertine Tiles To Portugal

Another successful international delivery - this time to Portugal. Read on to see how quick and inexpensive this was.

Natural Stone Restoration & Scratch Removal

One of the many benefits of natural stone tiles, like marble tiles, is that they can be restored back to their original condition with ease by one of many natural stone restoration companies. Read on for more info about one local firm to us.

Open Outer Edges On Tiled Corners

Here we have the answer to the popular question - "how do i finish off the edges of my tiles when they are exposed on external corners"? The answer is straight forward but depends upon how much effort you want to put in.

Selecting Tiles When Installing

It's vitally important that tiles are installed randomly and not taken from the crate one at a time. Read on to discover the best way of selecting natural stone tiles for installation.

How To Seal Natural Stone

We recommend that all natural stone should be sealed to protect it from the rigours of everyday life. Read on to see how sealing your limestone tiles is easier than you might think.

Jura Grey Limestone Tiles

New in, Jura Grey Limestone Tiles in honed 600x400x15mm. These are the latest addition to our extensive limestone tiles range. Read on for more info....