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Natural stone tiles come in a wide range of finishes including Antiqued. Antiqued natural stone tiles have the appearance of stone that has been worn away over many years. The typical finish for antiqued stone is “tumbled” and the most popular material available in a tumbled finish are tumbled limestone tiles. Tumbled Marble tiles are also popular but tend to come in smaller sizes due to their relative fragility. Tumbled marble tiles are generally used in older properties with character and their worn appearance makes them perfect for barn conversions and more rustic settings. Tumbled limestone tiles, with their classic appearance and overall uniformity can fit beautifully in modern contemporary homes as well. Other popular surface finishes are” brushed” where the surface is made uneven and sandblasting is also commonly used to get that beautiful antique effect.


Together with our large range of natural stone tiles we believe that our commitment to give the best possible customer service as well as the lowest possible prices will make you a happy customer for years to come. Why not order some free samples or give our team a call to talk about your project? We'd love to hear from you.


  • Tumbled limestone and marble tiles with an old world, aged appearance.
  • Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and any other area throughout your home.
  • Generally installed in older properties but also look fantastic juxtaposed against modern fixtures.
  • Beautiful natural stone products from around the world.
  • Generally used on large open floors but also suitable for bathroom walls.
  • Suitable with all underfloor heating systems.
  • Free samples available of all stone tiles
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Highgrove Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £41.88
NOW £34.68 incl VAT Per SQM

Jaipur Limestone Tiles - Tumbled & Brushed

WAS £39.48
NOW £26.28 incl VAT Per SQM

Milan Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £47.88
NOW £39.90 incl VAT Per SQM

Rutland Grey Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £41.88
NOW £29.90 incl VAT Per SQM

Stamford Limestone Tiles - Tumbled

WAS £43.08
NOW £35.90 incl VAT Per SQM

Verona Light Travertine Tiles - Tumbled

£35.90 incl VAT Per SQM