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Tumbled, Brushed & Antiqued Stone Tiles


Natural stone tiles come in a wide range of finishes including "Tumbled". Tumbled natural stone tiles give the appearance of aged worn stone and are also referred to as Antiqued. The preferred choice in aged stone is tumbled marble but tumbled limestone and travertine tiles are also very popular. Tumbled marble tiles are often used in older properties with character and their worn appearance makes them perfect for barn conversions and more rustic properties. That said tumbled limestone tiles, with their classic appearance and overall uniformity can fit in beautifully in modern contemporary homes as well. Finally there's the ever popular tumbled travertine that's looks fantastic without breaking the bank!

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Our huge range of tiles with different finishes include the antiqued tumbled finish, which looks stunning in a rustic home. The tumbled effect gives the appearance of aged stone, which is why it is so often referred to as antiqued.These tumbled tiles can pretty much fit into any home, whether it be a small country cottage or a modern contemporary home.

We are specialist suppliers and importers of natural tumbled stone, so we pick the best of the best for you and your home. Providing the highest quality stone, from travertine to marble.To make your tumbled tiles fit in perfectly a little research is needed, however we are always looking to help.

We find that tumbled marble is best used in barn conversions and more rustic properties whereas travertine is best in the modern contemporary homes. Tumbled limestone provides a timeless classical appearance to any property. For more information about our tumbled antiqued tiles or our tiles in general feel free to call us or enquire online.