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What is the best way to order from StoneSuperstore?

26 May

Most customers like to receive a tile sample before they place an order. More often than not customers at the start of their decision making process start out wanting a natural stone tile as they have either seen them in a friend’s house, hotel bathroom or had them before in another property they might have inherited from the previous owner.

Once on the StoneSuperStore website, a range of natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles are available and people make sample choices based upon colour, surface texture and quite often type. Type generally comes first because for instance, marble tiles have a certain style with veining and dramatic shifts in colour, whereas limestone tiles are usually more subtle with an even background peppered with interesting elements and fossils. Travertine is different again with its cloud-like patterns and filled crevices. Finally, our Italian porcelain tiles range offers a spectrum of designs and surface finishes.

Choosing the right tiles

Style choice is usually defined by material choice, and as such is made first. So once you’ve decided you want say marble tiles, then surface finish comes into it. Do I want it honed, polished or antiqued? Once this selection is narrowed down you can choose the appropriate tile samples. Of course, numerous other factors can come into play like cost and size availability, but this demonstrates the typical buying process.

Once customers have their samples and have chosen which one they would like to go ahead with they usually call the office to discuss an order. At this point we can check stock of the relevant tiles and discuss whether they will be suitable for the required application. For example, we tell all customers when they order quartz tiles that they are not suitable for underfloor heating, and advise on the level of maintenance required for a particular limestone tile to be used in a kitchen. It’s all part of the service!

We prefer and encourage all customers to call the office to place an order so we can personally discuss their requirements and organise a delivery to suit them.

Internet ordering:

1. Not had a sample but know what I want:

While we prefer customers to call and place an order, they also have the ability to place an order online. Quite often we receive orders for products like black star galaxy granite tiles or black quartz tiles and sometimes the black and white polished porcelain tiles online. This is because they are available at many different places on the high street and they are precisely the same product you might have seen in Wickes or Tile Giant etc. (only from us it will be for significantly less). People ordering these online know exactly what they are going to get without needing a sample.

2. Had a sample - need to order:

Quite often it isn’t convenient to call and order tiles. Maybe you’re at work or away. If you’ve had a tile sample already and you want to go ahead with an order, you can simply transact the order via the website at a time of your choice, 24hrs a day.

3. I’d rather email my requirements – please get back to me:

Some customers, whether they’ve had a sample or not, send orders through by email. This is OK with us – it gives us the basis to work a quote out and get back to the customer at a convenient time.

When we receive orders placed via the website we always call the customer to confirm their details, discuss suitability and delivery arrangements. We never just send out orders on the off chance there will be somebody at the delivery address to receive them.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the tiles you want, guide you through the buying process and take your order. Whichever way you choose, we will be there every step of the way to keep the process as hassle free and smooth as possible.

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