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Using your tile sample as a reference point not a guarantee

26 May

Free tile samples are available for all our products online. Natural stone tile samples are 100x100mm, and porcelain tile samples are a larger 200x150mm. We cut all samples from the current batch of tiles we have in stock, and they are hand-selected by specially trained staff to be the best representation of the tiles.

We make every effort to ensure that the tile samples represent the majority of each product's overall appearance. They are however intended solely as a guide, and not an absolute guarantee that the tiles that will come will be exactly the same as the small sample piece. The sample will give you information about surface finish, texture, colour and pattern.

What to expect from your tile sample

It’s relatively easy to represent limestone tiles and travertine tiles in 100x100mm samples as they are much more uniform overall. Marble tiles are not so easy. We take extra care to select marble tile samples so they can best represent the overall patterns that each particular stones will exhibit. For instance, Botticino marble has striking white veining, but not throughout the entirety of the tiles. Botticino marble samples will always exhibit the glorious veining exhibited in the tiles as a whole.

Porcelain tile samples are much easier to select, as being manmade they are significantly more uniform. When you choose a stone effect porcelain tile then the overall pattern will be exhibited in the sample. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do this with stone effect tiles as the tile designs are changing rapidly and factories now have the ability to use numerous “screens” so every piece can appear to be different.

All samples from our granite and quartz range can be relied upon to be exact representations of what will arrive. Black star galaxy granite and quartz tiles in general do not have distinct shifts in pattern, and they are very uniform and even in colour. What can be difficult to demonstrate is the level of sparkle in the tiles as some areas have more sparkle than others, especially with quartz tiles. We make every effort to make sure that the samples are sparkly for these products as this is usually what people want them for in the first instance.

Using the picture on the website

Samples are undoubtedly the best way to base purchasing decisions upon but they should only be used as a general guide and not an absolute guarantee. We have provided pictures of most of our tiles in-situ online that you can see when you have the sample in your hand to get a better idea of what the actual pattern in the tiles will look like.

Colour variation

There will always be variation in colour and pattern in natural stone tiles – we can only guarantee that the tiles will not look completely like the sample. In all honesty, they wouldn’t be that interesting if they did! Colour variation and pattern in natural stone is the beauty of the product and should be embraced. If you would prefer the look of your tiles to be more homogenous they we’d recommend choosing porcelain tiles instead.

If the sample still isn’t enough to make your decision, why not visit our Manchester warehouse and showroom, where you and see the actual stock in all its glory? Please call a member of the sales team if you would like to visit.

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