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do you make tile deliveries down narrow roads?

If you've ordered a brand-new set of tiles from Stone Superstore, but live down a narrow road, you might be concerned that we won't be able to deliver to you. However, fortunately, with the right prior arrangements we'll still be able to get your order to you on time. Read this article to find out how.

27 May

If you’ve just ordered a brand-new set of natural stone tiles or porcelain tiles, you’re no doubt excited to get started on your next project. However, if you live down a narrow road, you might also be concerned as to how your tiles will get delivered, or if Stone Superstore even makes deliveries to such locations in the first place.

Fortunately, with the right arrangements beforehand, we can get your tiles to you no matter where you live. Keep reading to find out how we get around such delivery problems.


Making deliveries down narrow roads

While we make it our mission to get all our tiling deliveries to our customers on time, narrow roads in particular can provide quite the challenge for our drivers due to the vehicles used to deliver our products.

We transport tiles on standard pallets

All orders dispatched from Stone Superstore are transported on standard-sized wooden pallets. As a result, these pallets will generally be carried in large lorries equipped with a tail-lift platform that allows the pallets to be easily loaded and unloaded with minimal specialist equipment.

Our lorries can navigate most roads

The lorries themselves are also not the size of the large ones you often see on motorways. Instead, the size of a typical pallet lorry we use is closer to that of a bin truck. And seeing as most UK addresses are accessible by bin trucks, our pallet delivery vehicles will usually be able to get access to your property without issue.

That is, of course, assuming that your road is not smaller than the average UK size. If it is, then you can understand why our lorries might have difficulty getting your tiles pallets directly to your property.

We’ll check whether we can access your road

However, if this is the case, don’t worry. When booking in delivery, please be sure to explain in detail any access restrictions your delivery driver could potentially encounter when coming to your property. If your road is narrow, we might need to request a smaller vehicle to make the delivery to ensure that access to your property can be made.


Rescheduling your delivery

Although the need for delivering to narrow road properties can occur, the good news is that we tend not to have to make many deliveries to inaccessible properties – and when we do, we just request to know about any restrictions before your delivery sets off.

However, there are occasions where a customer may not have given us this information and the delivery vehicle can’t get close to the property. In cases like these, we simply won’t be able to make your delivery on that day and will need to rearrange the delivery date with a smaller vehicle.

Scenarios such as these can be frustrating for both you and our drivers, especially if you planned on starting your project on the day of delivery. So, when you are making an order to a hard-to-access area, please make sure you let our team know so that we can avoid this sort of problem happening in the first place.


So, we can certainly deliver to properties located down narrow streets and awkward-to-reach places, provided our team is properly informed beforehand.

And if you are ready to make such an order, get in touch with us today and check our delivery information page so that we can schedule your delivery for a time that best suits you. Or for more from our team of experts, including information about delivering tiles to homes with gravel driveways, discover our selection of tile guides.