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I live down a narrow lane; can you deliver to me?

26 May

All orders dispatched from StoneSuperStore are delivered on standard sized wooden pallets that are generally carried on large lorries. All delivery lorries have a tail-lift platform at the rear of the lorry to offload the order.

The size of a typical pallet delivery vehicle could be likened to the size of a typical bin-truck.  Most UK addresses are accessible by bin-trucks, so a typical pallet delivery vehicle will be able to get access one way or another to your property.

Delivery problems

There are however occasions where there are restrictions like narrow lanes or weak bridges, roadworks etc. where a standard delivery vehicle can’t get access. Our sales team are specifically trained to ask about any restricted access issues at the point of delivery. They will ask if the road is narrow and ascertain in advance if we might need to request a smaller vehicle to make the delivery to ensure that access to your property can be made.

The smaller pallet delivery vehicle with a rear platform offload is known as a 7.5t vehicle. Generally these are small enough, but there are occasions where the tiles have to be delivered on a van and “handballed” off at the customer's address. Our standard delivery charges do not take this into account, and we have to seek special prices from our hauliers if a van delivery is required.

Scheduling your delivery

Fortunately, we don’t have to make many deliveries to inaccessible properties and when we do, we usually know in advance. However, there are some occasions when the customer hasn’t given us this information and the delivery vehicle can’t get close to the property. It does occasionally happen, and generally when the delivery is urgent or there is a tiler there waiting to get on with the job!

As a rule we don’t recommend taking delivery of a tile order on the day the tiler starts as things don’t always go to plan and very occasionally, through no fault of our own, we don’t make the anticipated delivery date. We recommend building in a buffer of a day or two before your tiler arrives so that any unforeseen delivery hiccups don’t turn into something worse. This is what is commonly known within our sales team as “the snowball effect” – once one thing goes wrong, it quite often has a knock on effect.

So yes, we can deliver to practically anywhere on the planet as long as we know what the access is like in advance. That said, always try to build in extra leeway especially if you live somewhere that is remote or not easily accessible to standard delivery vehicles.

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