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I have a gravel driveway is this a problem?

26 May

All tile orders are delivered on large wooden pallets that are carried by large delivery lorries. At the point of delivery, these pallets are removed from the delivery truck by means of a “tail lift” platform that lowers them to the ground. They are then maneuvered by the delivery driver using a pump truck/pallet truck to the nearest safe point of entry to the property. This is known as “kerbside” – literally meaning by the side of the kerb. This is where the driver is meant to leave the pallets as part of his and our contractual obligation – full information can be found in our terms and conditions regarding delivery.

All pallet deliveries are made this way whether you order from us or anybody else, as the hauliers we use quote this as part of their standard terms. More often than not, the delivery driver will use his pallet truck to move the pallets onto your property if the road is flat and even. If you have a gravel driveway, unfortunately the pallet truck cannot be moved across gravel, or rough ground, so the pallets will be left where they are dropped.

Organising your tile delivery

We always ask the question about gravel drives when somebody places an order and let customers know that the delivery is kerbside so they can organise some way of moving the tiles in advance.

If your driveway is large enough for the delivery company to actually get their vehicle on, then the driver might reverse his vehicle onto your drive and drop the pallets onto the driveway itself, but they will not be able to move them from where they are dropped if the driveway is gravel. It is always down to the discretion of the delivery driver on the day to decide if it is safe for him to reverse onto the drive and they are not contractually obliged to do this. If they refuse, we have no way of making them do this; the refusal will generally have been made on the grounds of safety and we wouldn’t want them to compromise this in any way.

If you are planning on ordering but have concerns about where the tiles will be delivered to, please speak with one of the sales team who will be able to discuss and arrange any specific requirements.

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