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Can my order be left with a neighbour if I’m not in?

26 May

In general, the answer to this is no.  When the order is placed, a member of our sales team will organise delivery on a day when you, or one of your representatives (a builder or tiler etc.) will be there to accept the order.  It is really important that whoever is going to receive the order on the day of delivery is there to check that it is in good condition when it arrives and to check they have received what was actually ordered. Generally neighbours aren’t very good at this, as they don’t fully understand what to do.  If for instance the order had been damaged in transit, and they didn’t check it or notice it, their signature on the delivery papers is an acceptance of the goods in good condition and there would be nothing we could do to remedy the situation.

Sometimes we get a call from the delivery driver to say that the customer has asked them to leave it with a neighbor and are we ok with this.  Unfortunately we always say no and the order is returned to the delivery company’s local depot.  Our sales team will contact the customer and organize a re-delivery and there is a £20 charge to do this, as that is what the hauliers will charge us to re-deliver.

Full information regarding deliveries can be found in our terms and conditions.

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