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can my order be left with a neighbour if i’m not in?

You’re likely used to leaving everyday deliveries with a neighbour, but when it comes to ordering tiles, things are a little different. Read this article to find out more about Stone Superstore's delivery policy, so you know the details before you place your order.

26 May

If you’ve ordered anything online before, you’re no doubt familiar with being able to leave it in the safe care of a neighbour, particularly if you know that you won’t be in to sign for the delivery. However, things are a little different when ordering tiles from Stone Superstore.

When you place an order with us, you will have the option at checkout to organise your tile delivery for a specific day, which will have to be a date that you or one of your representatives know you'll be in to accept the order. This means that, if your delivery day rolls around and no one is there to sign for your tiles, things get a little complicated.

Below is all the information you’ll need to know to handle your tile delivery should you not be in to sign for them on their assigned delivery date.


What can I do if I’m not in to receive my order?

In general, if you’re not in to receive your tile order, you will not be able to divert it to a neighbour or safe location for delivery, unless agreed upon during your order confirmation. If you or someone representing you is not present to sign for your delivery, your order will have to be returned to our warehouse.

It’s not uncommon for us to receive a call from the delivery driver to say that the customer has asked them to leave it with a neighbour and if we’re ok with this. We are almost always unable to do this, meaning your order must be returned and our sales team will need to contact you to rearrange the delivery date with an additional £20 charge.


Why can’t a neighbour receive my delivery?

For many, this policy might seem unusual at first glance, but we adhere to it for one key reason: simply put, tiles are expensive, and it’s very important that whoever is going to receive the order on the day of delivery is there to confirm that they’re in good condition when they arrive, as well as to check you have received what you actually ordered.

Therefore, unless your neighbour has been involved in the whole ordering process, they likely won’t know what they’re looking for, and if your order had been damaged in transit, and your neighbour doesn’t notice this, then unfortunately, their signature on the delivery papers is an acceptance of the good condition.

Once signed for, there’s nothing we can do to remedy the situation, and you’ll need to speak with our team to discuss the potential options.

This is why we request that you, or someone representing you, are on-site for your scheduled delivery date to ensure a smooth and quick delivery.


For more information on how deliveries from Stone Superstore work, you can visit our tile delivery information page, or get in touch with our team directly to discuss the matter. Don’t forget to browse the rest of our tile advice guides as well, for more useful information, including our policy for delivering tiles down narrow lanes.