will all tiles i order be from the same batch?

It’s only natural to wonder whether your tiles are all from the same batch or not. In this article, discover how to identify whether your tiles all have the same batch number, and what to do if they from different sets. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, our guide provides valuable insights and practical tips for success.

When embarking on a tile installation project, it's natural to wonder whether the tiles you receive will come from the same batch. Tile batches play a significant role in ensuring consistency in colour, texture, and size. However, understanding the factors that influence batch variations is essential to set realistic expectations.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of tile batches and explore whether tiles are typically sourced from the same batch. We'll also shed light on the differences between natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles, as their production processes and characteristics impact batch consistency.


Are stone tiles typically from the same batch?

Yes, generally stone tiles are from the same batch, but it's not always guaranteed. When tiles arrive at our warehouse, each crate is assigned a unique batch number. Our staff are instructed to only pick orders with the same tile batch numbers to ensure consistency.

Mixing batches is not a big problem if the tiles are made of the same stone (from the same quarry), though. Since natural stone like marble or limestone is unique, slight variations can occur even within the same stone. However, we instruct our staff not to mix batches to maintain consistency for our customers.


Do tiles have batch numbers?

Checking for different tile batches is an important step to ensure consistency in your tile installation. Here's how you can identify if tiles have come from different batches:

  • Examine the boxes: Check the side of the tile boxes for batch numbers. Each box should have a unique tile batch number printed on it. If the batch numbers are different, it indicates that the tiles have come from different batches.
  • Inspect the tiles: Carefully inspect the tiles themselves for any variations in colour, texture, or pattern. Tiles from different batches may have slight differences in appearance, so look for any noticeable variations.
  • Consult the supplier: If you suspect that the tiles are from different batches, it's best to contact your supplier or tile manufacturer. They can provide you with further guidance and clarification on the origin of the tiles.


What to do if you notice your tiles are from different batches

In the unlikely event that you receive tiles from different batches in one shipment, it's important to not just go ahead with the installation anyway. You don't want to get halfway through a beautiful bathroom tile project only to notice a sudden change in shade and colour - it can be a real headache!

So, before you start, take the time to double-check the batch numbers on the side of the boxes. It's the responsibility of your installer to make sure they're all the same.

Even if you manage to get all the tiles from the same batch, it's still a good idea to order a bit extra, just in case. You never know what might happen during the project: maybe your plumber accidentally damages a few tiles, or you discover a small area that needs fixing. Trust me, it happens more often than you'd think!

By ordering around 10% more tiles than you actually need, you'll have some spares on hand for emergencies and unforeseen situations. Plus, it gives you peace of mind knowing you have everything covered. So, be smart and plan ahead! And for even more expert insight, check out our guide on ’What is a realistic amount of tile wastage?’ for guidance on how to order the right amount of tiles.


Porcelain tile batches

Porcelain tiles are a bit different to natural stone. They’re manufactured using advanced machinery and various natural materials, so each batch may have slight differences. Sometimes, different factories or machines are used, resulting in tiles that may not perfectly match side by side, even though they have a similar overall appearance.

Porcelain tiles are packed in boxes. On the side of each box, you'll find a set of numbers that indicate the batch it belongs to. When we prepare orders, our warehouse team ensures two things:

  1. We only pick tiles from the same batch for your order.
  2. We carefully check that all the tile batch numbers on the boxes match each other.

This way, we strive to provide consistency and ensure that you receive tiles that are as closely matched as possible for your project.

Of course, with the best will in the world, and taking into account that our warehouse staff are only human, there is always the possibility that you may still receive tiles from different batches! In this case, you can always contact our customer support team, and by applying the knowledge gained from this guide, you can make informed decisions to navigate the complexities of tile batches with confidence.


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