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Using The Correct Adhesive

14 November

Whether you’re fixing natural stone kitchen floor tiles or porcelain bathroom wall tiles, you need to use the correct adhesive to fix your tile to ensure your tiling project is a success.

Failure to assess and prepare your substrate correctly and use the right adhesive, may result in the floor tiles cracking, wall tiles coming loose, or the tile adhesive de-bonding from the substrate. When selecting your tile adhesive, you need to consider:

  • The material the tile is made from
  • The substrate, and the condition of the substrate, being tiled onto
  • The surface – wall or floor
  • How long you can wait before walking on floor tiles or grouting wall tiles

Buying tiles from Stonestore, your tile material will be either natural stone such as Limestone, or porcelain such as Concrete-Effect Tiles.

With natural stone tiles we recommend a high specification white rapid setting flexible adhesive such as Kerakol Biofast. Formulated with Mineral Bentonite (instead of sand like basic adhesives) Kerakol Biofast is the very best adhesive available and was formulated specifically for use with natural stone tiles which are susceptible to staining and marking with more basic adhesives.

For porcelain tiles we recommend Kerakoll H40 Eco Rapid, a quick setting, flexible grey adhesive. The same high grade as Kerakoll H40 Marmorex, Eco Rapid is suitable for external use and with underfloor heating, and is OK to walk on and grout within a couple of hours. Both of these adhesives are suitable for fixing floor tiles onto wooden substrates such as plywood, which by nature have movement therefore a flexible tile adhesive must be used to absorb the bounce in the floor.

If you’re planning to use either wet underfloor heating or electric under floor heating, then you require a flexible adhesive such as Kerakoll H40 Marmorex or Eco Rapid which will flex as the flooring expands and contracts.

Some tilers prefer, where time permits, to fix tiles with a slow set adhesive such as Kerakoll H40 Eco Flex adhesive, which is available in grey or white as per installation preference and will accept foot-traffic after 24hrs.

All Kerakoll products come with a lifetime guarantee and are available in 25kg bags or larger.

For products such as natural marble, it is prudent to use a two part adhesive system with a latex additive such as Mapei Granirapid, which is specially formulated and recommended for use with marble tiles that have reinforcing mesh on the back. Also suitable for use with quartz tiles.

Often tilers are keen work with adhesives from different manufacturers which they prefer to work with. If this is the case, it’s incumbent upon the tiler to make sure they use the correct adhesive for the tile material and substrate. Feel free to ask the tiler to call a member of our sales team to make sure the adhesive they plan to use is suitable.

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