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Bedding Adhesives For Stone Tiles

18 October

Before starting to lay your stone tiles it is important that you choose the correct bedding adhesive. There is no single adhesive that can be used with all natural stone tiles and substrates, so to ensure the best results it’s important to select the right adhesive for the job as the incorrect adhesive can cause bonding failure where tiles come loose and the entire installation to be ruined.

Factors that need to be considered include whether installation of the stone tiles is indoors or outdoors, whether the tiles are being laid on walls or floors, whether they are being laid in a wet or dry area and most importantly what substrate they are being laid on.

Polymer-modified adhesives are the primary choice of stone tile adhesive and are also known as thin-set mortars. These adhesives contain blended polymers that interact with components in the cement to improve properties such as adhesion, reducing shrinkage and water absorption.

Thin-set mortars are generally available in two types: one is a pre-mixed powdered polymer, where only water needs to be added and the other is where a liquid latex additive is required to be added rather than water. “Rapid Setting” standard powered adhesives are generally suitable for all natural stone tiles other than meshed back marble where the latex additive type adhesive must be used.

For further details and advice, you can download and read the article Bedding Adhesives for Stones and Tiles which details the types of adhesive available and the classifications they sit within. It is also a handy reference if you are trying to work out whether or not the adhesive you have already purchased, or is being used by your installer, is suitable for the installation.

Kerakoll Biofast Adhesive is an environmentally-friendly rapid-set adhesive that is suitable for most applications and is available here at Stonestore. A full specification of Biofast can be downloaded here on the Kerakoll Biofast spec sheet.

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