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Your tiles are much cheaper than anywhere else. Why?

21 May

This is a question we often get asked. Typically, people come to the StoneSuperStore website having already searched around the high street for tiles of some description. Maybe they will have been looking for natural stone tiles or for our ever-expanding range of fine Italian porcelain tiles. Generally they will have seen what they are looking for on the high street, and have an idea of cost already. The driving factor for people searching the high street then looking online is to see if they can get the same products for less money.

If for instance you went into one of the large multiples (B&Q and the likes), and look for black star galaxy granite or maybe cappuccino marble tiles, you can find them at £80/sqm. The same products at StoneSuperStore are 60% cheaper than this. Why? Well apart from B&Q having massive overheads to service and shareholders to answer to, they don’t import these products directly from the factory; they buy from distributors like us. There are a number of products that you can find on the high street and instantly compare like for like at StoneSuperStore for instance:

·        Cappuccino Marble Tiles

·        Black Quartz Tiles

·        Black Star Galaxy Granite Tiles

·        White Quartz Tiles

·        Bianco Carrara Marble Tiles

Most of the above are available on the high street for at least double the price, and generally the quality is of a lower grade than we sell.

So what’s the secret?

We aren’t just an internet business selling tiles that we’ve sourced from UK suppliers like some of our internet competitors. We are a direct import business dealing only with the factories that produce the tiles we sell. We buy direct from all over the world including Turkey, India, China, Portugal and of course Italy. We buy in bulk, negotiate the best prices, keep our overheads low and sell at a small profit so you can get the very best quality tiles at the best possible prices. This is our absolute guarantee to all our customers. We know there are a few competitors offering some comparable products at knock-down prices but these are usually sourced from wholesalers in London that import cheaper lower grade “commercial” quality products and offer them as premium grade. Their samples always look good but it’s only when the goods arrive that the customer really finds out what the quality is like.

The main reason why we are much cheaper than the high street is that the majority of retailers selling natural stone tiles, whether they are the large multiples or the local tile shop, generally don’t carry stock and they have to buy in when somebody places an order. That means getting it from a wholesaler. By the time they have bought it, paid for the shipping and put their profit on, the price is significantly more than ours.

Our customers can effectively cut out the middleman and buy direct at better than wholesale prices.

While we are cheaper than anyone else, one thing we do not compromise on is quality. We only import premium grade tiles – we do not buy stock from UK wholesalers. We have the most stringent quality control measures of any importer where we have all our orders inspected at the factory and signed off by our inspection teams prior to the tiles being allowed to ship. If our inspectors don’t pass them, the problem tiles are removed and replaced with ones that meet our strict quality standards. It’s a long, laborious and time-consuming process, but it's necessary to ensure we receive the best quality products into our warehouse. We firmly believe nobody else within our industry pays this much attention to the quality of their tiles.

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