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What Is Jaipur Limestone?

19 October

Jaipur ‘brushed’ and ‘tumbled’ limestone is our best value, bestselling, floor tile from our flagstone style floor tiles range. The hand-cut "tumbled" edge and textured "brushed" surface give them a unique aged appearance like they have been worn away over hundreds of years. Predominantly olive and sage coloured with metallic beige undertones, Jaipur is available in a grand 825x550x22m set size, and a ‘free-length’ format 550mm wide with random lengths up to 825mm.

Flagstone is a term used to describe large paving slabs or tiles with particular characteristics. Generally, they are larger than the standard 600 x 400mm size of natural stone floor tiles, and are identified by their irregular tumbled edges. Stonestore offer a number of flagstone products specifically for internal use that sit wonderfully in old country cottages, barn conversions, and period buildings. While flagstone products are perfectly at home in these settings, juxtaposed against modern furniture in more contemporary buildings, these types of stone can look absolutely fantastic, where a mix of old and new styles are desired.

The Jaipur limestone is roughly machine cut from large blocks, and then the surface undergoes a ‘brushing’ process giving a textured rustic finish. The edges are then hand finished to give a distinctive tumbled edge making each piece unique, which once laid give the installation an aged vintage spirit.

Tiles created as traditional pattern sets comprise a set number of tiles in fixed sizes, to be laid in a regular pre-determined set pattern. Jaipur ‘free-length’ tiles are meant to be laid in a linear ‘brick effect’ design, with adjacent tiles overlapping in irregular proportions.

Tiles should be overlapped by a minimum of 15-20cm so as not to have too many grout lines close together, which can make the installation look ‘bitty’. There are three colour variations which work well with Jaipur tumbled limestone tiles. Sage which blend well with tones in the tile, the sand colour Limestone is ideal if you have oak colour worktops, and mid tone Iron Grey is a good contrast if you have grey kitchen units.

All natural stone tiles are porous and therefore require sealing to prevent everyday spills tainting or damaging the tiles, we recommend sealing once before and once after grouting with LTP Matt Stone sealer. Sealing the tile will not only prevent soiling of the surface but make the tiles easier to clean, we recommend LTP Maintenance cleaner as part of your regular cleaning routine.

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