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Take The Travertine Challenge

25 February

The challenge is to find better travertine for less money.  We are proud in the knowledge that through years of sourcing, negotiation and relationship building with factory’s manufacturing travertine products that we have the best products available at the best prices and we can demonstrate this if you take accept the challenge.  We challenge our customers to find better for less and we challenge our competition to beat us on price.

Not all travertine is the same.  Reading our truth about travertine article will demonstrate that buying travertine, online or otherwise, can be a challenge in itself.

Following the simple guide below will prove to you that you can’t buy better travertine for less money anywhere else than right here at StoneStore.

Once you know what kind of travertine you are looking having decided upon:

· Overall colour – be this light, medium or dark beige/brown (or possibly silver)
· Surface finish – tumbled, honed, brushed
· Size – square, oblong or multi-size

Look around to see who is selling products that fit these criteria.  This is generally the path customers follow online as all the “shops” are effectively next to each other on one long online high street.  Pop into one, then another, come back to visit ones that look promising and then order some samples.

Samples are great way to gauge what you are looking at meets your search criteria but they can’t tell the entire story.  It’s difficult to fully represent natural occurring variation in a 100x100mm piece of stone but it’s a good start.  Samples are generally free and should arrive within a few days.  If they don’t, then the company you are requesting them from aren’t on top of their sampling system and not giving the level of customer service you should expect from a professional stockist.

When you’ve got all your samples together compare one company’s samples against another’s.  Chances are the samples will all look good – nobody wants to send a bad sample out.  If the sample looks no good to start with, you might as well stop right there.

Contact the companies you have selected.  Speak to their customer service teams to see if they know about their products and what else is available.  Get a feel for who you are actually dealing with.

Check stock levels.  If the company you are talking to doesn’t hold their own stock, then stop right there.  Lovely pictures on a website and good looking samples are one thing but if you don’t carry your own stock, how one earth do you know what your customer is going to receive if you are farming orders out to a third party?  This is natural stone after all, not electronics or other comparable products you can purchase on Amazon.

The best way to really appreciate what you will get if you order is to see the actual stock for yourself at the company’s premises.  Clearly not everyone will wants to travel hundreds of miles to do this as internet businesses are dotted all over the country but if you can, it’s a great way of making sure you are happy with the product in advance.  Natural stone is just that, natural, and one company’s light travertine can be completely different to another’s.

We welcome customers to come and inspect our stock at any time and we suggest they visit our competition’s premises as well to check theirs and compare.  If they won’t let you come to inspect it’s probably because they don’t have stock of their own and are working out of an office drop shipping from third parties or there's some other reason they don’t want you see how they operate.  Some companies trade out of small units with very little stock and don’t want customers to see their business operation in general as it wouldn’t inspire confidence.  Any refusal to come and inspect for yourself should be treated with caution.

The challenge is to make sure you get what you want, what you are expecting and what you have paid for.  If you follow the guide above then you will almost definitely come to the conclusion that you can get the best travertine, from stock, at the best price from StoneStore and service is provided by a professional company with many years of experience within the stone industry in general.  After all we aren’t just experts in travertine.  There is much more to choose from including Marble Tiles, Limestone Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Quartz and granite tiles.

If you’d like some free samples, to discuss your project in general or to come and visit us, please call us anytime on 0161 277 6850 or use the live chat facility.

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