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Porcelain Tile Surface And Finishes Explained

18 October

Over the last five years porcelain tiles have grown to take the lion's share of the UK tile market. Developments in high definition printing and production technology, have enabled the expansion of porcelain tile design, finish, and size, giving the consumer endless choice when creating both bathroom and kitchen designs.

Made from denser clay and fired at higher temperatures for longer than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are practically indestructible, and the hardest wearing tiles on the market, ideal for high footfall kitchen areas and family bathrooms. All of our porcelain tiles are manufactured and tested to strict BS standards and will withstand anything you can throw at them in a bathroom, from being bombarded with water, to being dripped on with hair dye. They won’t wear, stain, or easily scratch, which ultimately means they will stay looking the same as they day there were installed with regular cleaning alone.

Porcelain Tile Finishes

    • Matt: Unlike natural stone tiles, matt-finish porcelain tiles require no special sealing or maintenance. The texture can be smooth, such as Stonestores grey marble mimic Natura Gris, lightly textured such as the classic slate imitation Seville Grey, or highly textured and grippy like large format 60cm x 60cm mid grey Cementone Light.
    • Semi-polished: The latest trend in contemporary porcelain tiles, known as Lappato by our Italian manufacturers. Think of the ‘patina’ on an antique metal lampshade, with contrast and depth in colour and texture. Our new Cement Milano is a distinctive example.
    • Polished: The shiny, mirror like finish shows off modern printing and polishing techniques to perfection, a cost-effective solution for achieving grandeur and opulence. Our Marmo Venatino range is best of its kind, capturing classical Italian chic in each and every tile.

Our Porcelain Tiles Range

    The range is so vast that at Stonestore we’ve categorised our porcelain tiles to help make selection easier.
    • Stone Effect: These excellent value stone-effect tiles are a fantastic alternative to natural stone tiles for achieving an authentic natural stone look.
    • Architectural: This range of subtle design-led tiles offers a more minimalist look than traditional porcelain tiles and are a firm favourite of architects and interior designers working on contemporary and ultra-modern interiors.
    • Marble-Effect: Our fantastic marble-effect porcelain tile range uses the latest ultra hi definition printing technology to create beautiful marble-effect tiles that look even better than the real thing once laid and without all the required maintenance that natural marble requires.
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