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Carrara Marble Tiles

06 June

The city of Carrara, located in commune of Massa & Carrara, within the region of Tuscany, is viewed as the world-wide capital of marble. As far back as ancient times, marble has been extracted from the Apuan Alps in Carrara, famed for the exceptional quality of its white and blue-grey base colour and striking veining.

Ever since supplying stone for the Roman Empire for the construction of the most prestigious monuments such as The Pantheon and the Trajan's Column in Rome, the quarries of Carrara continue to satisfy the demand of even the most discerning customers seeking marble kitchen tiles for their modern-day project.

Indeed, it is believed that the consistent quality and high-grade material yet to be excavated from the mountain side is so prevalent, Carrara is likely to match demand for its marbles for centuries to come. With the range reaching as high as 5,500 feet above sea level, annual output is approximately 200,000 tonnes - enough to cover 160 thousand kitchens in marble floor tiles. Hundreds of active quarries employ thousands of people and are a key component of the area’s economy, providing much supplementary employment in the region in a range of industries including manufacturing and shipping.

There is debate over the derivation of the word Carrara. Some suggest that it comes from the pre-Roman (Celtic or Ligurian) element kar (stone), through Latin carrariae meaning 'quarries'. According to Saint Girolamo, the name Carrara derives from car meaning “wagons” and iara meaning “Moon”, so it is the “City of the Moon on the Wagons”.

What cannot be argued is the provenance and antiquity of the stone production in the area. Such is the importance of the economic and cultural value to the region, in 1982 to Carrara Museum of Marble was established. Popular with geologists wanting to study rock formation, and tourists on the search for beautiful scenery, quarry tours are a popular attraction for visitors to the area.

The quarries of Carrara boast a profusion of marble varieties, including Calacatta, Statuario and the classic Bianco Carrara. Available in a honed or polished finish, Bianco Carrara marble tiles offer timeless elegance with their striking veining across an off-white background. Stonesuperstore is the UK's leading importer of premium Bianco Carrara Marble Tiles. Not to be confused with cheaper Turkish white marble some unscrupulous suppliers market as Carrara marble, our genuine Bianco Carrara Marble tiles originate from our partner factory in Italy, guaranteeing that they are the real thing at the lowest possible price.

Due to the materials consistent quality and density, Bianco Carrara tiles are durable and unlike most limestone tiles, are manufactured in a 10mm thickness, making them ideal for use as both bathroom wall tiles and kitchen floor tiles. Available in 600x300mm format, these tiles are favoured by both designers for commercial installations and by consumers for domestic projects, as this timeless interior design classic continues to be 'of the time'.

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