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Can I get hold of samples of your tiles? Are they free?

26 May

Samples are a fundamental part of our business. They are probably the single most important way of demonstrating what our products are like, as StoneSuperStore is predominantly an Internet business. We also have a large showroom based at our Manchester warehouse, where customers can see the tiles first hand and get all the samples they need there and then.

Most websites advertising natural stone tiles will provide a sample service. Some charge for samples, some send some samples out for free and charge above a certain quantity. Others will send you as many as you ask for. Here at StoneSuperStore, you can request 2 samples free of charge via the website. They will appear in a “sample shopping cart”. If you request a third and above, there is a £2 delivery charge to get each extra one to you. If for some reason you can’t get the samples via the website or would rather talk to one of the sales team, we welcome your call and will be glad to take your instructions over the phone. If you call and ask for more than 2 samples, we won't charge you for the extra ones, within reason!

Free tile samples

The natural stone and porcelain tile samples we send out free of charge are 100x100mm and are cut from the most recent batch of the tiles they represent. We hand select each sample tile in our warehouse so that they best represent the majority of the specific stone or porcelain's characteristics and pattern. The 100x100mm piece we provide is sufficient to be used as an overall guide, but isn’t an absolute guarantee - a small sample can’t fully represent the entire spectrum of colours and patterns, especially in natural stone. Porcelain samples in general are wholly accurate of the overall tiles, as they are man made and typically don’t vary from batch to batch.

Generally people ask for samples having seen pictures on the website – some know what they are looking for and just need a sample to confirm that our products match the ones they are looking for. We strongly recommend that once you get the sample, you revisit the website and review the pictures you originally saw to get a better overall view of the product.

Small samples are one thing, but the best way of really getting to see what the product is like is to come to our Manchester warehouse and see the products first hand. We welcome weekday visits anytime between 9am and 5pm. Please call in advance to organize a visit and obtain the correct address to come to.

Large tile samples

We also offer a larger free tile sample service where we can dispatch via FedEx a 300x300mm piece. The sample is free of charge but we have to charge for the delivery which is £10 which is refundale on order.

Full size samples are sometimes available for larger orders but these have to be dispatched on pallets. More often than not, we don’t charge for full size samples on pallets as the size of the order usually warrants the expense involved.

Please feel free to speak to one of the sales team about your natural stone tile or porcelain tile sample alternatives and they will be able to give you all the information you need about our market leading sample service.

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