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Cleaning Black Granite Tiles & Quartz Tiles

Here's a handy little post about cleaning granite tiles or quartz tiles. Most of it's common sense but there are a few good pointers about cleaning and sealing that some of you might not already know. Remember, our sales team have in depth knowledge on all things "stone" so why not give them a call to discuss.

Positive reviews keep coming in

StoneSuperstore is one of the largest importers and distributors of natural stone tiles in the UK. We have many satisfied custiomers who post details about their experience on the eKomi feedback platform. Read on to see a few of this months.

What did the romans ever do for us?

Well, they invented underfloor heating for one thing, apart from roads, sanitation etc. Here's an article about the benefits of underfloor or undertile heating. Natural stone tiles really do benefit from this especially in the winter months. If you are doing a natural stone floor, then we strongly recommend installing underfloor heating at the same time. You won’t regret it!

Bigger is better - Large Tiles vs Small Tiles

Bigger really is better when it comes to stone tiles. Larger format tiles are becoming the norm for most modern installations. There was a time when a 300x300mm tile was considered to be large format - now everything is 600x600! Read on for more info on grout joints, laying direction, grout colour and much more.

New member to the Sales Team

We're pleased to announce that we have a new addition to our ever expanding sales team. We're constantly taking on new faces to keep track with growth at Stone Superstore. Read on for more info on our latest addition.

RIBA National Awards 2013 – Jura Limestone

RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) has revealed the winners of the 2013 RIBA National Awards, the most rigorously-judged awards for architectural excellence. StoneSuperstore was the chosen supplier for 2500sqm of Jura Grey Limestone on one of the winning projects.

The world's most expensive flooring tiles

The flooring tiles LuxTouch, by Pietra Frima, are the most expensive tiles in the world, costing approximately £665,000 per square metre. Each tile has 95 brilliant cut diamonds inlaid into a flower petal pattern. Along with the corners of each tile being inlaid with abalone shell and mother of pearl.

Choosing the right colour for your floor tiles

Congratulations you've decided on floor tiles for your room. This is a great choice, especially for kitchens or bathrooms due to their ability to be cleaned so easily. To get the perfect floor tiles you must balance the type of tile with its colour perfectly with your room’s surrounding colour scheme.

3 Benefits of Installing Porcelain Tiles

When looking for a new set of tiles, or even when you are moving from, for example, wooden floors to tiles it can be very hard. This is why we have created this list of benefits of installing porcelain tiles. We feel that porcelain tiles are a great addition to any home and are perfect as kitchen tiles.

Ibiza Bianco Marble Tiles Honed - New in!

This year has seen a big rise in marble tiles sales at stonesuperstore.co.uk. Our Ibiza Bianco marble tiles have become very popular of late so we've added a honed option to complement the polished marble tiles. Read on for more info about our carrara marble as well.


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