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What did the romans ever do for us?

If there’s one thing that most of us can remember about the Roman period from the time we were at school, it’s that the Romans invented underfloor heating.  Their systems might not have been as sophisticated as the pipes you can now lay in your own home, but the theory was there, and was put into practice in the very best Roman homes – particularly the ones built in those parts of the Roman Empire that had colder weather, such as Britain. Today, of course, underfloor heating is driven either electrically, or from your boiler.

Underfloor heating is becoming more & more popular and here at Stone Super Store we are seeing a huge rise in our customers requiring it as part of their Natural Stone or Porcelain Tile installation.

At Stone Super Store we recommend and work alongside Thermonet.  There are many brands out there providing under-tile heating solutions but few have been around as long as them.  Their electric underfloor heating systems come with a Lifetime Guarantee and are manufactured by their expert team in Germany to the highest safety and quality standards.

Underfloor heating is usually installed on top of a concrete or timber substrate, underneath your Natural Stone or Porcelain tile.  A layer of insulation should always be included to minimise downward heat loss and maximise the efficiency of your electric underfloor heating system. You can tile directly over the top of the heating wires after simply applying a 10mm layer of self leveling compound before laying your stone.

The cost of running an electric underfloor heating system varies in each installation, based around the level of insulation and heat loss, running temperatures, your heating program and the type of room the system is installed in. A well insulated underfloor heating system can be up to 50% more efficient, saving energy and money on your monthly bills.

Our sales team has a wealth of experience when it comes to installing natural stone & porcelain tiles with under floor heating.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call and somebody will help with your enquiry.