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Travertine Tiles To Portugal

Who would have thought it?  Exporting natural stone tiles to one of the biggest stone tile producers in the world. 

Well, thats what we have just done in conjunction with a specialist Portuguese shipping agent.  As it turns out, the people over there (who were English) couldn't source Travertine Tiles for the same price as, and that was after taking into consideration the haulage.  We shipped them from Manchester to the Algarve in 3 days.  They were being quoted 5 Weeks locally and at twice the price! 

If you are overseas and want natural stone in your property, why not give us a call - we will quote the haulage for you with one of our specialist shippers on the day of your enquiry.  One thing's for sure, wherever you are abroad, we can supply your Limestone Tiles, Marble Tiles and Travertine Tiles for less!