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Natural Stone Bathroom Tile Range


At Stone SuperStore our entire range of Natural Stone and Italian Porcelain tiles is suitable for use in a bathroom where there are tiled areas that become wet from showers or around baths.  All natural stone requires sealing in a bathroom with an standard stone impregnator and re-sealing every so often, especially in the wet areas. Whether it's the clean contemporary look you'll get from our white limestone tiles or the glamour of polished Valentino Marble Tile, we have a variety of stone and porcelain tiles to suit all bathrooms and budgets.

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If you’re having a new bathroom installed, or just re-tiled, it’s very important you choose a bathroom tile that you are happy with as it would be a costly decision to change your mind later on. There are different shapes, sizes, surface finishes and colours of bathroom tiles to choose from and it can get quite confusing, but with our help we’re sure that you will be delighted with the finished result!Here at Stone Superstore, we offer a range of wall and floor tiles in many colours that would look great in your bathroom. If you’re looking for something plain and long-lasting, there are many different materials to choose from, with the most popular being marble because of its durability and easy-to-clean surface.

Many people chose larger tiles to cover their floor space because it can give the effect that your bathroom is larger.Many of our customers like their bathroom wall tiles to be large and completely plain because of the simplistic look. Other customers like to have brighter tiles to add a bit of colour to their bathroom, along with using patterns such as small tiles and mosaic effects to add focal points.All of these options can work well in your bathroom, but it all depends on your tastes and the size of your bathroom. If you’re unsure about what you want, don’t worry - we’re here to help.