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Sparkle Tiles Range

Premium Black Star Galaxy granite tiles have a dark black background with sparkling bronze and copper elements throughout while premium Black Starlight Quartz tiles are a manmade product rather than natural stone. They're similar to the granite tiles, but the sparkles are made up of crushed silver mirror particles giving them a "starlight" appearance. White and Grey Starlight quartz tiles also have the mirror sparkle but on a white or grey background.  Our granite and quartz tiles have a high gloss finish, and are suitable for all areas within the home, from bathrooms and kitchens to living areas.  Lux sparkle porcelain tiels are a great  alternative to quartz tiels when using underfloor heating as quartz tiles are not suitable with heated floors or in conservatories. 

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We have four different types of granite and black quartz tiles for you to choose from. These include White Starlight Quartz tiles, Absolute Black Granite Tiles, Black Star Galaxy Granite Tiles and Black Starlight Quartz Tiles; these last two are the sparkly black tiles often seen in commercial and leisure venues.

Why choose quartz or granite tiles?

Polished granite and quartz tiles are often used in kitchens and bathrooms for their high durability. Quartz tiles are made of a high percentage of quartz to ensure optimum durability and quality, as well as keeping their water absorption rate low. These are all desirable traits with people starting to convert their bathrooms into wet rooms. However, it's important to remember quartz tiles are not always suitable for use with underfloor heating – contact our team if you require any guidance on choosing bathroom tiles.All of our granite and quartz tiles are black (apart from the white starlight quartz) which is a truly timeless and very versatile colour that consistently portrays class, elegance and good design. These black granite tiles have also been known to be used in hotels, restaurants and shopping centre instalments.You can order our quartz or granite tiles online, or have a free sample sent to you. If you need any further information, check out our Advice section or call the team who will be happy to help.