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Selecting Tiles When Installing

Natural stone tiles are by their very nature varied from tile to tile.  No two tiles are exactly the same.  Limestone tiles tend to be quite even in colour and less colour variation can be expected.  Marble tiles are a little more varied as are travertine tiles.  If for instance you just pick one tile at a time from a consignment, you may find that you get whole areas that look different to each other. 

Imagine them as a pack of cards that need shuffling.  It's vitally important that tiles are selected at random to create a unique look that will look more natural and uniform in the end.  One tile that looks different to the next adjoining tile is perfectly normal and part of the beauty of natural stone tiles.  Our denzili classic travertine tiles are quite varied and will give you a more random look than say our ivory light travertine tiles that will look more even in colour overall.  The classic travertine tiles are more even in colour but there will still be some variation.  The premium classic travertine tiles are very even in colour as our the premium light ivory travertine tiles. 

Cappuccino marble tiles and botticino marble tiles can have an amount of colour variation as well.  It's best to go through the tiles when you receive them and pick out any that are dramatically different to the majority and try and install these next to ones of similar colour.  This is known as "blending". 

Applestone limestone tiles can also be quite varied so an amount of selection and blending might also be required to create the best results. 

Speak to one of our experts if you need any further information regarding "blending" of natural stone tiles.