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Sparkle Tiles Range


Black Starlight Quartz Sparkle Tiles are a premium grade manmade product rather than natural stone and have crushed mirror pieces scattered across the surface to create the ultimate sparkle effect.  White Starlight Quartz Sparkle Tiles have the same sparkly mirror pieces but these sit on a mainly white background and the sparkle isn’t as pronounced.  Grey Starlight Quartz Sparkle tiles are the latest addition to the quartz sparkle collection and look fantastic in modern kitchens and bathrooms, floor and walls. Black Star Galaxy granite tiles have a dark black background with sparkling bronze and copper elements set within and are still a firm favourite for those looking for a cool sparkly look.  Our granite and quartz tiles have a high gloss finish and are suitable for all areas within the home from bathrooms and kitchens to living areas.  Lux sparkle porcelain tiles are a great alternative to quartz tiles when using underfloor heating as quartz tiles are not suitable with heated floors or in conservatories.

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